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Top 5 Reasons Why Collaboration on Intranets Fail

Today, we have more ways to communicate with each other than at any other time in history. I personally receive daily phone calls, text messages, tweets, blog post updates, emails, Facebook status updates and a post card every six months from my dentist. Why then, with so many options, is organizational collaboration still so difficult to get right? Aren’t intranets supposed to fix this? This might sound strange coming from me, the Product Manager at Intranet Connections, but technology alone is not the answer.

How to use Intranet Statistics/Analytics Effectively

There is often a tendency with intranets to overcrowd the intranet home page in an attempt to showcase as many options as possible in hopes that users will find the resources they need quickly.  I think a better approach when designing your intranet is to analyze how it’s being used and create task-driven navigation and calls to action (CTA) that speak to the most critical content and features used by your employees. Highlight the Most Popular Content Within our intranet stats/analytics package and admin section, you can gather some data on which pieces of content or applications are getting the

Make Content Management on your Intranet FUN

If you're used to managing an in-house built intranet or a Sharepoint site, you've probably looked at the title of this blog post and started laughing at its ridiculousness. "Yeah, updating my intranet is a real hoot!", you may exclaim with an eye roll or two. Well, for many of our intranet customers, updating content on their intranet site is fun. Why? Because it's so easy to do, and the people with the content are those posting the content. HR has a new policy? They upload it! An employee has a desk for sale? They post it! They are invested in

Create a Secure Intranet Web Application

In my last post, my aim was to provide value to IT administrators supporting their intranets and discuss how to optimize performance, covering topics around browsers, server hardware and configuration options available to you within the Intranet Connections platform. Continuing along that path, I would like to cover security, the common vulnerabilities found in web applications and the features available to you within Intranet Connections, including how to address these. Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a prospective intranet customer who broached the subject of securing our intranet web application and asked how we address known web application

How to Improve Intranet Performance

Every so often Marketing strong arms me into delivering a blog post, and seeing as it has been some time since my last one, I wanted to make sure to cover a topic that would be of interest to our intranet IT admins and provide some value for them to better serve their end users. Web Apps & Your Intranet Simply put, intranets are web applications frequently housed within an internal network.  In today’s world, end users have exposure in every facet of their lives with web apps (many of them cloud-based) for just about everything from social networking (e.g.

Stellar Intranet Blogs & Intranet Experts

Hello Intranet Connectors! As the newest addition to the Intranet Connections team, I had a thirst and desire to ramp up my intranet knowledge quickly. Probing my stellar and informative Intranet Connections teammates on who and what they read to stay informed on intranet trends, ideas, research and thought leadership, they provided me with a wealth of knowledge that you may also find valuable to you.

9 Tips For Company Intranet System Success

Summary:  We’ve compiled nine tips for what makes a successful company intranet system. A successful company intranet system is one that keeps employees engaged and assists them in performing the daily tasks they need to complete their job more efficiently.  The problem is, too often intranets do not live up to their potential because employees don’t know how to use it, or don’t have a good reason to.  Here are nine tips to help ensure intranet system success in your organization.

Increase Intranet ROI with Advanced E-Forms

One of the challenges many businesses face is finding a long term intranet solution. On the surface many intranet products look very similar, which can make finding an intranet solution that meets your business needs quite difficult.  New customers are generally looking for an intranet software with a central communication platform, document management/repository and online e-forms.

How to Win at Being the Best CMS Intranet Vendor

The other day I was pulled into a demo with a company who is evaluating our CMS intranet, Intranet Connections. I entered the conversation with my thoughts on our company vision and the heart of our core values: simplicity. The conversation steered ultimately to transparency. Social CMS Intranets All the Buzz With so many intranet vendors flooding the market, all with fists clenched around similar value propositions, I find myself annoyed with the inaccurate state of buzz words floating around. In a modern world of social responsibilities, there is only one way to win at being the best CMS intranet

Monday Is… Labor Day!

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