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Monday Is… Social Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day!

Check out this week's social intranet links: >> Why Smart Organizations Use Social Intranet by @roanyong >> Why some people are NOT using your social intranet... yet:  Six Variables of Social Intranet Adoption by @DomCrincoli Subscribe to our blog to receive future intranet links instantly!  

Does Your Intranet Need a Facelift?

Last July, we posted a blog called Intranet Design 101 which offered four useful tips on how to improve your intranets functionality, design and navigation.  Here are some of the ways that you can be creative with our turnkey, out of the box intranet software: Tip #1 – Make use of new features When you buy Intranet Connections software, you have a fleet of developers providing new features and functionality to your intranet on a regular basis so take advantage of this! Tip #2 – Use a clean, fresh design When you first go live with your intranet, sometimes it’s

Opening Intranet Doors with Social Media and Twitter

The recent rise of popular social media tools has facilitated the growth of intranet communities in a big way. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow for intranet managers, consultants, vendors and professionals to connect, and to learn from each other. We actively participate with the vibrant Twitter intranet community, and we really enjoy the dynamic, knowledgeable and informative group of intranet tweeters that we regularly engage with. Twitter is the great gatekeeper by-pass. You can actually connect and reach out to CEO’s, PR giants, Social Media gurus, senior consultants and intranet managers, that prior to Twitter, you would

Building the Intranet Experience

When you enter a new restaurant, do you pick up a vibe? I do. I can tell you within 5 seconds if I am going to enjoy my dining experience. Maybe that’s because I am a fairly visual person. The ambience of a restaurant dictates if I stay two hours and leave a big tip, or turn tail and go elsewhere. Obviously your intranet is a lot more comprehensive than this analogy. My goal here is to get you thinking about the experience your intranet users have when they use the site. Do they go “wow, this is great!” Or

Swimming in a Sea of Intranet Information

Last week I attended an Intranets for Corporate Communications course that was designed for VPs, directors, managers and intranet consultants who wanted to learn how to maximize the impact of their intranet. With highlights such as how to integrate your intranet into your communication plan, advice to help increase employee engagement on your site and ways to adapt your intranet to include social/collaborative tools, the course material definitely piqued my interest. This was the 16th intranet course that Federated Press had put on however this was the first event of its kind that I had attended. Walking into the conference

New Intranet Wiki

Last week Angela Cullen and Sean R. Nicholson, part of the team at announced a great new resource for information about intranets. This new wiki aims to gather all the online intranet-focused resources in one central location; helping intranet professionals share intranet tips, best practices, and experiences and also collaborate with like-minded individuals. The wiki is broken down into a number of different categories and each category contains links to the resources that relies on for intranet information. Current topics include: Hot Topics: features trending subjects in intranet mainly from surveys and LinkedIn discussions Intranet Blogs: a list