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Continuous Intranet ROI for Your Business

When implementing a new intranet solution, many organizations focus on intranet ROI and how this new solution will benefit the organization in the long run.  After a number of years though, ROI is still just as important as ever.

Based on our current customer base, the average Intranet Connections customer has been using the software for six years.  Many have been with us for over 10 years, and some since our

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Take the Worldwide Intranet Benchmarking Survey

Every year, the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) conducts an intranet benchmarking survey. The online survey allows participants to anonymously benchmark their intranet. The best part is…it’s FREE!
Register for the WIC Intranet Benchmarking Survey Now!
Founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, Andrew Wright, created the WIC survey to give participants the opportunity to quickly and easily obtain and benchmark feedback about their intranets from end users.

Each year, more than 200 organizations participate in the WIC

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Online Forms & Workflows are at the Center of Intranet ROI

In a recent post, I talked about how intranets have matured and are becoming a must-have within the enterprise. There are a lot of soft return on investment (ROI) impacts of intranets, including social, collaborative and employee recognition applications that lend to employee morale, retention and fostering company culture.

But where is the bottom line ROI, that equates to real dollar value and return on your investment?
Increase Return on Investment
With Intranet

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0 to Intranet in 90 Days

First and foremost, our customer’s satisfaction, happiness and intranet success is most important to us. So when a client comes to us, dissatisfied with their current intranet and in search of a new intranet solution, we go above and beyond to make sure their experience is as stress-free as possible. That’s exactly what happened with one of our clients, Diversified Search. The organization was unhappy with their previous intranet as

Measuring Intranet Adoption with Intranet Stats

In managing your intranet, it is important to perform “temperature checks” to understand whether or not you are keeping your intranet relevant in the minds of your users and to measure intranet adoption. These checks will indicate which areas of your site are popular and unpopular, translating to whether employees are finding what they are looking for on your intranet.

This blog post focuses on our built-in Intranet Stats Software that

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10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI (Part 2)

Hello Intranet Compadres. I’m back with 5 more ways to improve your intranet ROI with time savings and cost savings. In case you missed the first 5 ways to improve intranet ROI, here are #1 thru #5.
6. Include Outside Contributors
There is not a single organization that lacks the need to share information and feedback in a timely, effective manner.  From various cohorts who fall outside of the immediate employee groups,

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10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI (Part 1)

The most common questions prospective clients ask us about intranets are:

Our Product Manager, Neil Chong-Kit, recently discussed how to ensure intranet ROI through effectively utilizing the Form Builder application. As a follow up to that post, this post will cover a more general overview of how you can plan for and improve your intranet ROI.

The soft benefits, the intangible assets that your company or organization acquires, come from many parts

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Designing an Effective Intranet Homepage

Whether you are implementing a new intranet solution or looking to revamp the one you have, the key to enhancing employee engagement and ensuring intranet adoption is a well thought-out and executed intranet homepage.

Your homepage is the first thing your employees see when they click onto the intranet, or in some cases when they open their browser. It is their first impression of what the intranet can do for them and can often be the deciding factor of whether they choose to continue through the site or stop their journey short.

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Raise Your Glass! It’s Intranet Appreciation Day

Hello there, fellow intranet fanatic. Today, I bring you joy and another reason to celebrate in the midst of this very festive season: Intranet Appreciation Day.

I use our intranet, EVERY day and yet, I have never taken a moment to profess my love for The SQIntranet** on public grounds. I LOVE my intranet because it is the ultimate resource. It is pretty, it is informative, it is flexible, and, it allows me to effectively help my teammates! Below, I’ve highlighted my favourite SQIntranet area and the respective specific business problem that it addresses. THANKS to the capabilities offered by Intranet Connections, I am able to point my teammates to this area regularly which makes my life much easier.

**The SQIntranet is the intranet used by Intranet Connections.  SQ stands for “square box”, meaning simple.  Simplicity is one of our core company (and product) values.

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Intranet Connections Developer Mo Bros

Movember is well on its way through the Development Team and the Intranet Connections ‘ICMOGRO’ Team, consisting of 8 Mo Bro moustaches, a furry Mo Dog and an eccentric Mo Sista, has banded together to raise over $3,200 so far in support of men’s health issues including research for Prostate and Testicular Cancer.

If you missed the Movember intro blog, be sure to have a quick read to meet our Mo Bros and find out what Movember is all about. You can donate to the Intranet Connections Movember team and check out photos of their mid-month moustache growth on our ICGROMO Team Page.

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