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A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 4 of 5)

1:15pm Eva Collins is an HR Administrator at West Coast Savings Credit Union. Last week Eva met with Heather Jenkins, the HR Manager, to discuss setting up a Career, Health and Wellness area on The Buzz Intranet, with the goal of fostering a productive and rewarding work environment for all WCSCU employees. Eva is tasked with building this new sub-site on the intranet. Referring to her meeting notes, Eva begins by entering The Buzz admin site and clicks to create a new Department Site, giving it the name of “Careers, Health and Wellness”. She secures it so that end users

A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 3 of 5)

10:37am Brent Myers is a Member Services Rep and part of the Communications team at West Coast Savings Credit Union. Brent is often involved in content development for The Buzz intranet and is currently in a project update meeting that is coming to a close. “Great, well if no one has anything else to add, let’s wrap this meeting up”, says Kelly Bristow, the Intranet Manager. “Brent will put his notes up on The Buzz for reference.” Brent flashes Kelly a smile as he gathers up his notepad and pen. Back at his desk, Brent brings up The Buzz Intranet

A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 2 of 5)

9:23am Heather Jenkins is the HR Manager at West Coast Savings Credit Union. She is a key member of the intranet team and oversees 3 content managers for their intranet The Buzz. Heather is currently fiddling with her laptop in the 3rd floor conference room and mumbling under her breath. She checks the clock on the south facing wall. Everyone’s due to start arriving for the 9:30 intranet team meeting and her laptop and the projector in the conference room are having a minor disagreement. Heather tries to get the projector working once more and pressed for time, decides that

A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 1 of 5)

8:45am Kelly Bristow is running late for work. She is the Intranet Manager at West Coast Savings Credit Union (WCSCU) and is the primary administrator for their intranet site, The Buzz. Kelly has a 9:30 meet with her content managers to go over project status updates and at 8:45 she’s tapping her foot waiting on her Starbucks vanilla latte. Caffeine first, then race to the office. 9:02am Kelly breezes past reception and waves a hello to Colin working the desk. She runs down the stairs to the Communications department and enters her office, flips on her monitor and brings up

A Day in the Life of an Intranet

Do you wonder how your intranet gets used on a daily basis? What information are users looking for? What tasks are being performed? How can you maximize the use of your intranet? The answers to these questions can help enhance user experience and improve the usability and effectiveness of your intranet. Our goals for the Intranet Connections blog is to help you in answering these questions. This week we will be introducing our 'A Day in the Life of an Intranet' blog series that explores how employees at the fictional West Coast Savings Credit Union interact with their intranet, the

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Intranet

Good intranets provide an invaluable resource to employees. A one-stop location to find everything from policies, guidelines, forms, departmental information, people search, calendar events and company news. But like all good intranets, over time they can get bogged down by the sheer volume of content distributed throughout the site. Sound familiar? It may be time to do a spring clean on your intranet. A spring clean should renew, reconnect and revive. Renew If your users are complaining that their search for policy 50602 results in a file added in 2002 that could be a clue to outdated information. It happens

Standard and Poors: 10,000 Users and Growing Strong

Over the past few years the microblogging platform Twitter has quickly gained traction in the social media sector with over 7 million users as of February 2009 (according to Nielsen Online). As Intranet Connections is entering our 2nd year on Twitter, we have had the privilege of reaching out to our customers via this popular social networking tool. One client that stands out in particular is Yasser Ahktar. Yasser has been a member of Twitter since June 2008 and has established himself as a social media evangelist. His tweets are refreshing, informative, and provide great value to his followers. The

How Effective is Your Intranet in an Emergency?

We have previously blogged about the role your intranet can play during an emergency, namely the H1N1 pandemic last year. This week Martin White, founder of Intranet Focus Ltd, wrote an article about intranet support for emergency planning in light of the volcanic ash from Iceland and air flight ban in Europe. Martin spoke to a number of his clients and found that users were rushing to find documents on the intranet so they could attend meetings on behalf of colleagues that were stranded abroad due to the air flight ban. This speaks to the importance of a well-organized and

Anderson Hospital Cuts Costs with Enterprise Intranet

“Knowing what your employees use the intranet for can be very useful in promoting important news.” Mike Ward from Anderson Hospital Mike Ward is intelligent and easy going, with a quick wit and a subtle sense of humor. A minute into the conversation he breaks out a small joke: until recently, they were a small hospital in the middle of a cornfield. Mike is the IS Directory at Anderson Hospital. With 140 beds and 1000 employees, they are a community-based hospital located just outside of St. Louis, on the Illinois side of the river. We asked Mike what goals were

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Intranet

We recently came across an interesting post by Kim Komando, who is the host of the nation's largest talk-radio show about computers and the Internet. Kim also writes a syndicated column for more than 100 Gannett newspapers, and for USA Today. Kim explains why even small businesses can benefit from an intranet and she makes some key points that can apply to any SME looking to implement an internal communication and collaboration intranet tool. 1. Businesses need constant, reliable, and secure communications with others in the company to ensure successful growth. Communication can suffer when information distribution is a huge