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USA Federal Credit Union: Connecting with Employees

In early 2006, USA Federal Credit Union, decided to implement Intranet Connections Intranet Software as an out-of-the-box intranet solution.  By implementing Intranet Connections, USA Fed has been able to organize important documents and policies so that employees can locate information quickly, share company news, alert employees to fraud warnings, and offer internal training. The primary aim of the intranet project was to help USA Fed increase employee knowledge of the credit union’s overall strategy.  Alix Patterson, from Callaghan & Associates sat down with Jim Ward from USA Fed to discuss how the intranet has allowed them to reach this goal

Cupertino’s Intranet as a Cost Saving’s Tool

I was chatting with a client of our intranet software, Bill Diekmann, Director of IT at Cupertino Electric Inc. ( and he had some great insights as to how the implementation of an intranet site can greatly benefit a company. Cupertino purchased Intranet Connections in August 2008, so they are relatively new to the software. Bill shared information on how a solid, quick to deploy intranet platform has improved productivity and lowered operating costs for Cupertino. An intranet is more than a central place to store your documents and corporate information. Our chat with Bill Diekmann really brought to light

Is Your Intranet Site Stale? How to Get Back on Track

There is a lot of enthusiasm (and work!) when you first set up your intranet. Customizing and branding the site, deciding on structure and navigation, adding content and planning the go-live date. The first few months are a critical time for any intranet, and often organizations run internal marketing campaigns to announce the intranet and get employees onto the site. It’s an exciting time, where the intranet is fresh in everyone’s mind.

Intranet ROI: A Different Perspective

Return on investment can be difficult to quantify when measuring ROI for a tool that serves the internal customer.  We know that intranets can centralize and organize data. It is a platform for employees to communicate and collaborate. The demand is growing for social media and employee networking via the intranet. Employee productivity lends credibility to ROI, but what is the true value of an intranet?