Successful Intranet Deployments Yield Employee Engagement

Building an intranet site is about far more than a feature checklist. It is about creating a sense of community and engaging employees through a process of constant communication.  Approaching your intranet deployment with a strong communication strategy has proven successful to achieve these goals. Here are a few that have led to the most successful intranet deployments:

Does Your Intranet Need a Facelift?

Last July, we posted a blog called Intranet Design 101 which offered four useful tips on how to improve your intranets functionality, design and navigation.  Here are some of the ways that you can be creative with our turnkey, out of the box intranet software: Tip #1 – Make use of new features When you buy Intranet Connections software, you have a fleet of developers providing new features and functionality to your intranet on a regular basis so take advantage of this! Tip #2 – Use a clean, fresh design When you first go live with your intranet, sometimes it’s

Satisfying Your Gen X and Gen Y Intranet Users

With the boom of tech-savvy employees in the workforce, companies are in search of unique engagement tools to keep the Gen X and Gen Y employees interested.  In Dana LaSalvia’s article called “Building an Employee-Enriched Culture with Social Media” she wrote that “organizations should think about integrating companywide marketing messages and upgrading their employee’s recognition programs to be more virtual.” To do this, implement an intranet! A social intranet will improve employee culture and collaboration and act as a central portal for important company information.  When you position your company online, you are catering to a large group of Gen

In the Midst of Change: BC Place Case Study

What do you do when you find out that your staff will be divided between two locations during a major renovation period? How can you unify employees at the two locations and ensure that communication remains consistent? If you are BC Place - the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics - you decide that the best way to overcome the internal communication challenges is with an intranet. BC Place launched their intranet, built on the Intranet Connections software, in July with the goal of improving communication, increasing employee involvement, and enhancing information sharing within

When Looking at Intranets: Should you Build or Should you Buy?

Northwest Medical Center (NWMC) needs an intranet. They are currently using shared folders in Outlook and networked drives to shared documents and information. They want an intranet to unify the workplace and to log and access employee knowledge. After a search on Google for “intranet software” they get 293,000 results. It’s a crowded market, so how do you get started with an intranet evaluation? A fundamental decision in determining the course of an intranet evaluation is: Do You Build or Do You Buy? Should You Buy Packaged intranet software would provide the team at Northwest Medical with the framework for

A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 3 of 5)

10:37am Brent Myers is a Member Services Rep and part of the Communications team at West Coast Savings Credit Union. Brent is often involved in content development for The Buzz intranet and is currently in a project update meeting that is coming to a close. “Great, well if no one has anything else to add, let’s wrap this meeting up”, says Kelly Bristow, the Intranet Manager. “Brent will put his notes up on The Buzz for reference.” Brent flashes Kelly a smile as he gathers up his notepad and pen. Back at his desk, Brent brings up The Buzz Intranet

A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 1 of 5)

8:45am Kelly Bristow is running late for work. She is the Intranet Manager at West Coast Savings Credit Union (WCSCU) and is the primary administrator for their intranet site, The Buzz. Kelly has a 9:30 meet with her content managers to go over project status updates and at 8:45 she’s tapping her foot waiting on her Starbucks vanilla latte. Caffeine first, then race to the office. 9:02am Kelly breezes past reception and waves a hello to Colin working the desk. She runs down the stairs to the Communications department and enters her office, flips on her monitor and brings up

Who Owns Your Intranet?

We recently launched a new version of Intranet Connections, and decided to capture our customers’ perspectives while they were on our extranet site to obtain the latest upgrade. The question on our quick poll was “Who owns your Intranet”?  We had three primary departments that are logical options (IT, HR and Communications).  We offered the generic “other” and decided to throw in “everyone” because our philosophy is that all employees should be a part of the growth and success of the intranet through active participation and contributions. We found the results interesting. From the responses thus far it turns out