Intranet ROI: A Different Perspective

Return on investment can be difficult to quantify when measuring ROI for a tool that serves the internal customer.  We know that intranets can centralize and organize data. It is a platform for employees to communicate and collaborate. The demand is growing for social media and employee networking via the intranet. Employee productivity lends credibility to ROI, but what is the true value of an intranet?

Six Steps to Intranet Success

Intranet success can really only be summarized by one question. Do most, if not all, of your employees rely on the intranet every-single-working-day? If the answer to that question is a resounding YES, congratulations!  Carry on!  No need to read further. For those of us who still struggle with user adoption and wonder why the old adage “if I build it, they will come” is not holding water with the intranet ... this blog post is for you. We have many clients that have had huge success with their intranet sites, but not many can match the District of North Vancouver

Intranet Stats Software

Intranet Stats from Intranet Connections on Vimeo. Stats is a robust tracking and reporting tool that is custom built for your Intranet. Track site usage, content audits, and page popularity. Stats also provides information on user activity and site behavior, and can be invaluable when tracking audit trails in monitoring contributions, edits and deletion of content.