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Lewis Group Drives Intranet Adoption with Contests and Executive Buy-In

Are you implementing an intranet? Take a look inside Lewis Group’s social intranet for unique ways to engage your users and develop your site into a core communications tool for your company. In just a few short months, Lewis Group has launched a successful intranet site for over 600 users spread across three offices in the United Kingdom. The company used a variety of innovative promotions to get users excited about using the site with ideas like an employee profile contest and CEO Blogging. To drive adoption and build out rich employee profiles, Lewis Group kicked off an employee profiles

Intranets With An Employee Edge

Late October in Vancouver is lovely.  I recently headed downtown, enjoying the fall colors as I drove over Lions Gate bridge and through the Stanley Park causeway, heading to the Four Seasons Hotel. The Four Seasons was hosting The 19th annual Intranets for Corporate Communications seminar, put on by Federated Press. My plan was to present on intranet design, stay for the rest of the morning and head back to the office for the afternoon, but after the first presentation I was glued to my seat. An intimate and interactive group, there were approximately 25-30 Intranet Managers, Internal Communications Directors

Sneak Peak Inside Greater Iowa’s Intranet

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Peggy Wurster, Director of Staff Development, at the Greater Iowa Credit Union about her company intranet. I was excited to hear about their unique intranet initiatives and could see a lot of Intranet Connections users benefiting from this company’s ideas, so today I’m going to share them with you! At Intranet Connections, we love to learn about the people behind your intranet. Can you tell us a story about how your intranet has impacted your employees? We like to include a lot of pictures on our intranet.  This would include family,

Culture and Intranets: A recap of IBF Live

IBF Live is a live broadcast featuring intranet tours and speakers supporting the movement to a digital workplace. In their Oct 4 episode, they polled their audience: “Can a social intranet change the culture of a company?” (80% answered yes) The intranet tours on IBF Live are a glance at the functionality and elements involved, but my take-away from this month’s episode was the integration of culture, in particular with the intranet tour for ThoughtWorks ThoughtWorks is not your typical company. They are innovators with a culture driven by talented people who are passionate about software. They have grown from a small

York Central Hospital Wins with Intranet Mobility

York Central Hospital recently selected Intranet Connections Software for its ease of use and ability to organize internal communications for their 2,500 healthcare workers. Their intranet has been up and running since July and we were so impressed by York Central's intranet implementation, that we had to share some of their ideas with you: >> Human Resources consolidates their important documents and policies onto the site and promotes employees to apply for internal jobs within the Job Center application. >> A Google search widget allows employees to find content on the internet quickly from their home page. >> Intranet Managers

Monday is Employee Engagement Day

Check out this weeks intranet links about employee engagement and embracing social media in the workplace: >>5 solid ways to engage employees and improve collaboration >> Do you have a new employee? Here are some great ways that you can engage them from the get go >> What types of people are on social media networks? Check out this infographic to see if your organization would benefit from adding social media widgets to your intranet >> Looking for ways to enhance your intranet using social media? Excellent post about embracing the social media revolution >> Tips to help you gain

Monday is Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day

Check out this week's intranet links about collaboration, best practices, intranet teams and much more! >> How important is collaboration? Enterprise 2.0 may be something new, but collaboration is in the nature of human being and in the depth of civilizations development and rise >> Communicating Your Way To Higher Employee Engagement: 4 Leadership Best Practices for increasing engagement through communications >> Do you want to network with a community of intranet professionals and thought leaders? Start a discussion on the Worldwide Intranet Challenge LinkedIn Group. The aim of this group is to help organizations build business critical intranets through

19th Annual Intranets for Corporate Communications

The Federated Press is holding their 19th Annual Intranets for Corporate Communications conference in Vancouver and our CEO, Carolyn Douglas, was asked to speak at this year's seminar. The conference, which takes place on October 24thand 25th will discuss many aspects of intranets including: content management, usability assessment, transforming internal communications, putting social media to work in the intranet strategy and much more. Federated Press is an independent research-based organization and a leader in the professional information and education market. This organization provides leading-edge conferences for professionals in various business genres. Through extensive monitoring of the latest trends and developments

Monday Is… Labor Day!

For your enjoyment on Labor Day, check out our favorite Intranet Connections blog posts from over the years: >> Take Stress off Your Human Resources Department with an Intranet >> Culture, Contribute, Confidence- The Gateway to Intranet Success >> Are You a Good Intranet KISS'er? >> Your Intranet Doesn't Suck: 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Intranet Can Do >> A Day in the Life of an Intranet: Parts 1 through 5 Our Monday intranet links will be back in full swing on September 12th

Managing Corporate Growth: A Fathom SEO Case Study

The landscape of web marketing is always changing and shifting so it’s no surprise that Fathom SEO, a leader in online marketing, was eager to put a new intranet in place to assist with knowledge management. Fathom SEO, understood the importance of a dynamic, scalable intranet as their previous intranet was static and required users to know HTML to update information. The company also faced the challenge of on-boarding and training new employees in a timely fashion. The very first decision the company had to make was whether to build their own custom intranet or to buy out-of-the box software.