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City of Aspen’s Intranet Combats Flu Season

As winter creeps up on us, so does the ever present flu virus. This fall one of our Intranet Connections customers, the City of Aspen, wants to help combat common work place viruses by using their intranet Training and Booking Calendar to make it easy for employees registering for flu vaccinations, blood tests, tetanus shots and skin checks.

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Tricks and Treats from Intranet Connections

Today many of you may be experiencing the Halloween hangover, just as we are here at Intranet Connections. Too much candy and face paint to handle in one day. But we had a great time yesterday getting into the spirit and celebrating the festivities. Hosting our annual costume contest, we had a number of contenders for the grand prize.

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The Form Builder Experience

Stop fussing with paper costs and start putting your business processes online with the all-new Intranet Connections Form Builder

Gain instant business ROI with: Powerful workflow. Calculations. Test Scores. Conditional Triggers. Spreadsheets. Mileage.

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25 Ways to Leverage Your Social Intranet

We enjoy providing intranet managers with tools and ideas to build successful social intranets. Our latest eBook, Social Intranet Toolkit, provides you with over 25 ways to leverage the social and business tools available on your intranet.

g>Topics that are covered in the Social Intranet Toolkit

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How to develop a sensible social media policy

Sometimes it’s hard to convince the naysayers in IT, HR, and the Legal Department that social media is a necessity for an organization. Today on our blog, Matt Wilson from shares how a sensible social media policy can please department heads while maintaining a socially engaged workforce.
How to develop a sensible social media policy
When Paula Berg, now of Linart PR, was managing social media for Southwest Airlines, she had a clearly stated mission: “Complete integration of social media into every internal and external communication effort in a way that makes sense for our company and meets customer expectations.”

What she didn’t have was a social media policy.

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Eight Intranet Design Mistakes

The Step Two Designs Blog is a wealth of intranet resources. We are a big fan of their philosophy and vision for social intranets and the digital workplace. This week we feature a snippet from a feature they wrote on 8 intranet design mistakes to watch out for when implementing or taking on a re-design of your intranet site.
Intranet projects are challenging at the best of times. Sites are large and content rich. Project teams are often thrown into the deep end, with many constraints and expectations.
Intranet projects may confront challenges such as:

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Behind Every Great Intranet is a Great Lover (of intranets!)

IBF Live is a monthly broadcast showcasing live intranet tours, often from global giants like IKEA, IBM, and Accenture. December’s tour featured Sally Roberts, Intranet and Knowledge Manager from Macfarlanes LLP, a 500 employee law firm out of London.

18 months ago Macfarlane went from a static intranet created through Dreamweaver, to a new intranet designed for better communication and resource sharing. Their navigation is fairly traditional and options are based

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Chill Out! Reduce Stress with these Intranet Tips

Stay cool while you manage your intranet with these tips:

Provide information that inspires your employees. An intranet effectively brings together all of its employees and gives them the latest information and tools that your company needs to share its culture and message.  Implement an intranet that engages employees, promotes corporate culture and encourages collaboration between employees.

Send the right message to your users. Have a clear message about how the

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Get Creative. Build on Culture. Empower Employees with Intranet Connections v11

Intranet Connections has its roots in business applications. We have added a lot of social and collaboration elements to our social intranet software over the recent years, but we have never forgotten about our roots in providing tools for employees to help improve your business.  We also see a great deal of employee engagement stemming from your company culture and our new v11 is all about leveraging your intranet to

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Don’t Ignore the Customer Experience

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco. It was a fabulous conference with enlightening speeches from influential marketing professionals. One of the speakers that hit home for me was Elyse Tager from Constant Contact. Elyse gave an insightful presentation about Engagement Marketing and spoke about customer engagement and the act of giving a great customer experience.

I believe that Elyse said it best,