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Intranet Lessons from Fortune’s #1 Company to Work For

This week, I had the pleasure of attending The Communicating to the Public and Employees in the Age of Social Media conference hosted by Ragan Communicators and BC Public Service. While all the presentations were valuable, Monday’s session on SAS’s intranet struck a particular chord with me.

SAS was named Fortune Magazine’s number one company to work for in the US and it was eye opening to see what they were

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Does Your Intranet Save Trees?

While enterprise social tools are the hot topic of late and certainly add value to a social intranet, it’s important to remember that your intranet should also contain core tools to help employees do their jobs. A key task-based application for the intranet is an online form builder.

“A form builder is hardly the sexiest tool out there. But think about it….how many forms do your employees fill out each day?

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A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 2 of 5)


Heather Jenkins is the HR Manager at West Coast Savings Credit Union. She is a key member of the intranet team and oversees 3 content managers for their intranet The Buzz. Heather is currently fiddling with her laptop in the 3rd floor conference room and mumbling under her breath. She checks the clock on the south facing wall. Everyone’s due to start arriving for the 9:30 intranet team meeting and

A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 1 of 5)


Kelly Bristow is running late for work. She is the Intranet Manager at West Coast Savings Credit Union (WCSCU) and is the primary administrator for their intranet site, The Buzz. Kelly has a 9:30 meet with her content managers to go over project status updates and at 8:45 she’s tapping her foot waiting on her Starbucks vanilla latte. Caffeine first, then race to the office.


Kelly breezes past

2.0 Tagging: Beyond the Folder

A key hurdle facing any successful intranet document management tool is ensuring that the solution is effective and easy to use. When deciding on hierarchy, card sorting, or other means of determining navigation, what quickly becomes apparent is that there is no homogenous ‘user’ whose actions and preferences can be relied upon to evaluate if the proposed implementation will meet these objectives. The success and usability of your intranet will

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Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Intranet

A strong roll-out plan can affect the immediate and long term success of your new intranet.  Here are four key components to consider when planning your intranet launch.
1. Make It Simple & Easy to Use
When preparing for an intranet launch, the last thing you want to do is to make it difficult for employees to access the site. Make sure that the intranet is set to be the default home

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Ready or Not, Here Comes Enterprise 2.0

Two recent articles caught my attention, both focusing on Enterprise 2.0 and how it relates to your corporate intranet.

The first was a recent post to Jakob Nielsen’s Alert Box “Social Networking on Intranets”. Jakob Nielsen is a well-known usability expert on intranets and the principal of Nielsen Norman Group. Jakob wanted to find out how to employ social features on intranets but in a refreshing angle: eschew the hype about what’s hot

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