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How Utah Credit Union Saves Time with Intranet HR Tools

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Sharlyn Lauby, a writer for Open Forum, recently wrote an article called “5 Challenges for Human Resources in a Digital World” which shares the automation challenges that HR departments face today. Sharlyn explains that an array of automation tools is available to HR professionals; however, the adoption of this technology is slow. A great way to overcome computerization issues is to implement an intranet to share and store human resources information digitally.

Once an intranet is up and running, there are exceptional applications that can make HR documents and polices accessible to all business sectors securely.

Justin Olson from the Utah Credit Union, who has been on our intranet software since 2004, created two unique time-saving Human Resources tools on his intranet:

Non-salaried employees clock-in using Hyperlinked logos that are connected to their external time tracking system. Hours worked are tracked through one site so that HR does not have to login to another system.

Full time employees have a Human Resources widget for health benefits, medical, dental and 401K plan information. Justin said that providing all of the proper documentation in a central area has freed up Human Resources because less people have questions when all of the forms are easily available on the site.

Practical Intranet HR Tools:

  • Encourage employees to use the intranet by solely providing HR forms and policies on the intranet
  • Use the vacation application to track and manage absence requests from employees.
  • Create HR e-forms; all files can be stored and managed in this secured area
  • Manage employee course registration with the training application
  • Obtain user feedback by adding comments and ratings to the bottom of each widget or application that you create. This way, employees can respond on how things are working.
  • Utilize the anniversary and birthday widgets so employees can respond to their coworker’s special occasions

These are a few of the great ways that an intranet can automate HR in a protected and organized manner.  How has your company enhanced Human Resources capabilities via your intranet?

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:56+00:00 April 19, 2011|Customer Stories|

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