Take a look inside our latest patch to see where mobile access can help employees with contact information, resources and to connect with coworkers through their smart phones.

“I went to an out-of-town conference and used the mobile message wall to share live updates with my coworkers through my Blackberry”

“With all the travel I do, having the ability to approve corporate policy changes on my Android has proven to be incredibly beneficial.”

“I was on the road and a client asked me for my colleagues contact information. I used the mobile employee directory and instantly found it for him.”

“I often surf my iPhone at home in the evenings, while my husband watches sports. I was able to do some catch-up reading on our mobile intranet, getting up to date on what’s happening in the company.”

“I was on my way to work and hit a traffic jam. I whipped out my iPhone and updated my status, letting everyone in the office know I was going to be late, and to avoid the highway!”

Smartphone Compatibility

The mobile patch is included in v11.5 or higher and supports iOS, Android or Blackberry. The regular web version of the intranet can be accessed from your mobile browser to ensure that all company resources are always at your fingertips.

Exchange Calendar

Our latest patch lets you pull exchange calendar data directly into your intranet and display it on home page or department page widgets.

To learn more about how you can tap into your mobile intranet, click here.

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