Why Your IT Team is too Busy for Intranet Management

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Why Your IT Team is too Busy for Intranet Management

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Summary:IT often gets tasked with maintaining the intranet. However, IT is too busy for intranet management and can cause bottlenecks.

One of the primary reasons our customers choose us as their intranet provider is to remove IT as a bottleneck in keeping their intranet updated. Why is that?

First of all, the majority of IT departments are running a skeleton crew. This is either due to budget constraints, or because HR can’t find skilled IT workers to fill the open positions. With a lack of resources, IT must make hard decisions on where to allocate time, and intranet management is often low on the priority list. This is especially true if their older intranets aren’t integrated into their daily operations.

Secondly, these older intranets are often designed for management by IT staff, and it is not possible to pass specific tasks, such as content management, to other employees. We see this is two cases: SharePoint deployments and intranets built in-house.

The Challenge with IT-Based Intranets

SharePoint is built for large enterprises in mind, and it has a robust security model at its heart. This is often overkill for smaller organizations, as to make structural changes, you need someone who both understands the SharePoint security model, and has sufficient permissions to make changes. Given that IT is often measured on preventing outages, it’s understandable that they are hesitant to give anyone outside their department sufficient permissions.

Intranets built in-house often start off as working well when they are initially deployed. The in-house team can build an intranet that is exactly tailored to the organization’s needs. However, once all the original developers have left the organization, the expertise on how to intranet management and extension is lost. At this point, the remaining IT staff are hesitant to make any changes to the intranet because if it breaks, nobody knows how to fix it.

Simple Intranet Management

In contrast, Intranet Connections is designed for simple administration and intranet management by non-technical staff. In addition, our plethora of online support articles can guide you through the entire intranet deployment process, so having IT’s assistance won’t be necessary.

On a daily basis, the creation of sites, updating of content and creation of forms can all be done by non-IT staff. With our product, the primary intranet administrators are often members of marketing, HR or internal communication teams, who are responsible for intranet management part-time. Ironically, as acceptance of the new intranet grows, they face the same challenges IT faced: departments now want to manage their own information, and not go through the intranet administrator as the bottleneck. Our system is designed for delegation. If you’ve got a department that’s keen on managing their own site, you can delegate site ownership to that department, while maintaining control of the company wide home site. Depending on your organization, you can even delegate responsibility for specific content libraries, or even folders to specific staff, but it’s definitely not required.

Further your Intranet Management Skills

We try to provide as many resources as possible for folks who want to understand intranet management and do it all themselves, in the form of online support articles and videos, but everyone needs a helping hand once in in a while. We hold a monthly training webinar for new customers, or for current customers looking to manage their own sites within our product. Our excellent support team understands that some people best learn through interaction, and will be happy to answer any question you might have.

Have you faced similar challenges when IT was responsible for intranet management? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:50+00:00 July 28, 2016|Intranet Software, Leadership & Strategy|

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