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The Best SharePoint Alternative

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Summary: Discover why many of our customers have switched from SharePoint to a robust SharePoint Alternative like Intranet Connections.

To SharePoint or not to SharePoint, that is the question. At least, that is the question that many of our customers have once asked themselves. Several of our customers were previously using SharePoint before switching to Intranet Connections. They required a simple-to-use, full-functionality solution for a fraction of the cost, leading them to make the switch. So we decided to put together this quick comparison list to ensure you don’t make the same mistake, and instead go with this robust SharePoint Alternative.

SharePoint Alternative pricingPricing

When doing research on intranet providers, cost is often the deciding factor. So let’s cut to the chase; what does the cost comparison look like?

SharePoint pricing is fairly complex, their pricing is based on a per user/per month basis. The initial licensing cost for SharePoint varies depending on what tier you’d like. There are three tiers, and the third tier includes everything, where as the first two don’t include several features that would normally be included in an intranet, such as enterprise search. Based on this, the initial purchase cost for an organization with 149 employees would be $35,760 USD. This cost would then increase each time a new employee is hired on. This is just the initial licensing fee and doesn’t take into account the implementation costs and ongoing maintenance fees that are necessary with a SharePoint intranet.

The pricing model for Intranet Connections as a SharePoint alternative is much more simple. There is a one-time price and it’s based on the size of your organization. For an organization with 149 employees, the price would be $15,500 USD. This price includes installation and will not increase based on your company’s growth – you only pay once. In addition, this cost includes all the 100+ features built-in to our intranet software, there is no additional cost for features such as enterprise search.

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SharePoint Alternative SecuritySecurity

SharePoint is moving into the Cloud, which causes concern for security. Your data is essentially on a giant shared drive with hundreds of other people’s data (i.e. the Cloud); your information isn’t safely stored on your own server. This means you don’t have control over how secure your data is, it’s just out there. Having a giant repository of everyone’s data can make it a target for hackers, putting your data at risk of being compromised.

Intranet Connections as a SharePoint Alternative is a full-functionality, on-premise solution. That means that all your data is safely stored in-house on your own server. This offers a more secure environment and protects against your information getting out.

SharePoint Alternative DesignDesign

While SharePoint gives you the flexibility to customize your intranet, it requires a lot of time and complex custom development. In almost all cases, users need to hire an expensive third-party resource to make simple changes to SharePoint as it is too complicated to administer themselves with little to no IT background. This is usually an unforeseen cost, as it isn’t included in the licensing or implementation cost, making SharePoint very expensive to run. Below are two stories from customers who were originally using SharePoint, but found it too complicated and costly to administer so they sought out a SharePoint alternative:

With Intranet Connections, we have easy-to-use, built-in design functionality. Designing and maintaining your intranet is as easy as pointing-and-clicking, no coding or IT experience necessary. With built-in design tools such as the Simple Design Builder and Advanced Theme Editor, you can completely customize your intranet yourself without any extra cost to you.

See For Yourself

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to comparing SharePoint to other intranet providers. To see the difference yourself, request a personalized demo of our intranet software with one of our product specialists.

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