The Formula for a Great Intranet

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The Formula for a Great Intranet

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Summary: What makes a great intranet? As an intranet administrator, you have probably asked yourself that question once or twice. Being tasked with administering the intranet means it’s up to you to make sure it’s not only great, but that is stays great.

Luckily for you, we have the formula for a great intranet!

1. Simplicity

A key component of the formula for a great intranet is simplicity. First and foremost, you need a simple intranet solution – one that can easily be administered in-house, no third-party resource required.

At Intranet Connections, simplicity is one of our core values, and it’s woven into the fabric of our intranet software. Our intranet solution is designed so that anyone can administer our product with no IT experience or background in technology required. In addition, depending how you design your intranet in terms of navigation, organization, menu structure, etc., you can make your intranet solution easier for your end users to use.

Having a simple intranet solution to administer makes it easy for you to make any changes yourself, without having to rely on the busy IT department to make requested changes for you. You can also delegate ownership of various sites or pages to staff members within your organization so that intranet administration isn’t left up to one person. This ensures your intranet is always being maintained and updated. This is why simplicity is by far the key ingredient to the formula for a great intranet.

2. Usability

Like simplicity, usability is a big part of what makes a great intranet. If your employees, the end users, can’t navigate through your intranet, they simply won’t use it. Usability is all about how your intranet is structured in terms of navigation, content layout and more. Below are several great resources on improving the information architecture and usability of your intranet:

In order to have a great intranet, some key considerations for usability are how long it takes employees to locate resources, how many clicks it takes to access certain popular links, if menu items are labeled in a way that makes sense, etc.

3. Design

Lastly, an engaging intranet design is an important element to having a great intranet. You could have simplicity and usability, but at the end of the day if your intranet isn’t visually appealing or engaging, no one will use it. Over the years, we have had several customers ask why people don’t use their intranet, only to find out the design is completely stale and outdated.

There are several different easy-to-use design features built into our intranet software that allows you to get creative with your intranet design and theme, with no graphic design experience needed! It is important to keep your design fresh, simple and up-to-date. In addition, it is fun to create different themes for different times of the year. For example, doing a spooky theme for Halloween or a winter theme for the holiday season. Below are some great resources for intranet design:

In addition, there are several examples of our stellar customers’ intranet designs you can view to draw inspiration from for your own intranet.

The Formula for Success

So there you have it. Simplicity + Usability + Design = the formula for a great intranet! Now it is just a matter of applying each of these components to your intranet to ensure you take your intranet from good to great.

Do you have any other key factors to add that make your intranet great? Share with us by commenting below.

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