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The HR Intranet

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In one way or another, every department in a company serves employees to some extent. It is HR’s core business function to serve the employee and yet their presence on the intranet is often understated.

We could list 100 ways in which an intranet enriches a company but to condense it down, here are three common goals for the intranet:

1. Supports the company culture and collaboration

2. Improves and streamlines communication

3. Offers tasks, education and knowledge to employees

HR is tied into #3. There are so many ways HR can benefit from the intranet and streamline tasks for employees. Top of mind is vacation requests, benefits, retirement, career growth, workplace compensation, recruiting, safety, health & wellness, HR policies, grievances, conflict resolution.

Build an HR Intranet that will help employees, and help HR too.

For those of you who manage an intranet: turn off your computer monitor, get up, stretch your legs and take a walk – to the HR department. Ask HR where do they get bottlenecked? How can they better reach out to employees and educate them? What pain points do they have in getting information out to employees? Then think of ways in which your intranet and its many tools and functions can be leveraged to improve this bottleneck.

Remember to start small. When you first launch an intranet you don’t want to overwhelm. Focus on 10 high-value tasks or frequently requested material. Often 1000’s of documents and data are posted to the intranet before launch and it can be daunting to review so much material. Start small and very focused, and then slowly introduces more tasks and information based on feedback. Look for ways you can resolve current business pains and HR challenges. Create a survey in the electronic Form Builder tool and gauge the response on what employees want to see on the intranet from HR.

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen when building your intranet is to go too quickly.

Keep it small
Keep it simple
Keep it targeted

Phase in valuable business tools. When someone requests a new feature, always refer to three qualifiers in order to stay focused:

1. How will this benefit the employee?

2. Is this feature/content/tool in line with our core intranet goals?

3. Will this provide immediate value?

HR offers task-based needs and immediate value for employees that can really make your intranet useful. Check in with HR quarterly and ask their opinion on how the intranet is growing, how is it resonating, how could it offer more value. What initiatives does HR have on the go for employees and how could the intranet help support those initiatives? Get HR involved and invested in your intranet.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:48+00:00 April 12, 2012|Intranet Software|

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