Three Ways To Leverage Your Intranet During Mergers and Acquisitions

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Three Ways To Leverage Your Intranet During Mergers and Acquisitions

Summary: Mergers and acquisitions, though exciting, can also be challenging for employees. Your intranet can help ease the transition with features such as; Online Forms, Document and Policy Management, and ADSync.

Change, while inevitable, is uncomfortable for most people. This discomfort can be exaggerated for employees experiencing change brought on by mergers and acquisitions, due, in large part, to the complexity involved. New policies, procedure adoption, and management can be daunting at first. Over the past 50+ years, the concept of change management has been popularized as a management science and adopted for other business management activities such as Human Resources and Information Technology.

FYI: Change management can come in different colors, but the underlying principle is that change is identified, planned for, implemented and audited (to determine what worked and what did not).

Three features of Intranet Connections you can use to facilitate change management strategies for your organization during mergers and acquisitions are:

Online Forms

Online Forms and Workflows is an extremely powerful tool that makes it easy to develop checklists and guides to follow throughout the change management lifecycle.  When an organization faces mergers and acquisitions there is the consolidation of forms and procedures. By putting your forms online, you can easily create both implementation and retrospective forms. Additionally, approval workflows ensure all forms will be reviewed by the appropriate manager, which during a time of change management, saves times and reduces confusion.

Document and Policy Management

Every organization has policies and procedures for operational activities that must be understood and followed by employees (both new and established). Document and Policy Management within your intranet software allows users to publish and advertise documents (guides, policies, procedure manuals) and set specific Read and Agree dates and select groups or individual users who must read the documents. Reminders for Read & Confirm documents are broadcast to users based on a predefined schedule. You can set up to 3 reminder occurrences.  Overall, Document and Policy Management using Read and Confirm guarantees all employees are up to date.

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Active Directory Sync 2.0

One of the more popular, and often used features, of intranet software is the Active Directory (AD) synchronization tool. With Policy Management in your intranet software, the AD Sync tool has been overhauled to allow much more flexibility for configuring and synchronizing employees for multiple domains. During mergers and acquisitions, IT must handle the transition of employees from external systems to the new domain and network. AD Sync allows Intranet administrators to configure multiple domain controllers and configure multiple targets within each domain. In addition to this, the employee field synchronization can be configured individually for each domain. The issues of having users migrated by IT to the company Active Directory domain is mitigated and users gain access to the tools available to them to onboard quicker and accelerate the change process successfully.

In conclusion, your intranet software can be used to mitigate the effects on your organization during mergers and acquisitions. By leveraging tools within your intranet software to implement change management strategies such as Online Forms, Document and Policy Management and Active Directory Sync, you will be able to join forces smoothly!

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