Three Ways to Spookify Your Intranet this Halloween

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Three Ways to Spookify Your Intranet this Halloween

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Summary: Looking for fun ways to prepare your intranet for Halloween? Here are some ideas for how you can spookify your site on this sugar filled day.

Hallow’s Eve is approaching and with it comes many sugar highs and scary cries. It’s time to get your intranet in the spirit of things by applying the following 3 design tips! However, don’t just save your custom designs for Halloween. We have a variety of intranet design tips for day-to-day branding to Easter egg hunting.

1. Design a Halloween Intranet Theme

  • Add Halloween images to the fixed width background
  • Use bright Halloween or Autumn colors on the menu and widget boxes

2. Promote an Intranet Based Costume Contest

  • Create a photo album with pictures of your employees in their costumes
  • Have employee’s thumbs up and comment on their favorite costumes
  • Post the winning costume on the home page in an image widget

3. Launch a Quick Poll on the Intranet Home Page

  • Ask your employees what their favorite costume is, where they plan to celebrate Halloween or what candies they enjoy the most

Share your story: How do you use your site to engage employees during the holidays? Please comment below.

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