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Souped Up Tools to Leverage Your HR Intranet

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Summary: Intranet Connections is an out-of-the-box solution, meaning that it’s fully customizable, but all the code and technical set up has been done for you. Ready-made features and functionalities, as well as an HR department site, is dedicated specifically to the needs of the human resources department.

HR has a lot on their plate, and although I wish I was talking about food right now, that’ll have to wait until the next staff event. They are faced with the pressure to not just locate and hire the best talent, but to retain them as well. Luckily our out-of-the-box department site for the HR intranet has the bread and butter to provide HR the tools needed to be set up for success.

HR Intranet Department Site

Our HR intranet site was developed specifically with the needs of Human Resources Department in mind. Our server built HR template empowers the department’s employees to access resources such as HR documents, policies, procedures, blogs, materials, and HR FAQs (knowledgebase). The apps added in here are all fully customizable with a drag and drop functionality to suit your organization’s specific HR needs. You’re able to tweak, change, copy, and add to the continent however you please.

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Engage & Retain Top Talent

Improve productivity in the workplace and foster a company culture that’s so engaging, your employees won’t want to leave. Communicate the company vision, mission, and goals, and align these closely with your employees. Show they are valued with transparency and inclusiveness.

TIP: Create a job center where HR can promote internal job postings, and encourage employees to apply for new positions.

Cultivate A Self-Sufficient System

Add resources to the intranet that your employees can easily access and review. When there’s a new policy that needs to be reviewed, take advantage of the ‘read and agree’ function so you don’t need to egg each employee onto reading it. This is a great time-saving hack and eliminates the redundancy of having to forward documents like the benefits package to each individual employee.

Tools That Solve Problems Specific to HR

With 100 features that come with our intranet, we’ve made sure to develop a few tailored to solve problems specific to the HR department:

The End of Ambiguity

  • With over five tools to effectively communicate throughout the organization. Whether you need to publish company-wide announcements or get an immediate response from a colleague across the country.

The Simplification of Onboarding

  • Welcome new employees with an onboarding checklist, set up on-the-job training, and provide the resources new hires need to get off to a running start.

The Place People Go To For Answers

  • Whether it’s a project site, people directory, knowledgebase or a simple newsfeed, centralize where your employees go to find what they need to know to get their job done.

In a nutshell, the HR department is tasked with the huge responsibility of putting together the cream of the crop to bring home the bacon to your organization. To set them up for success, provide them the tools they need to keep your HR department cool as a cucumber.

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By | 2017-10-23T10:40:57+00:00 October 4, 2017|Intranet Software|

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