Top 3 Content Marketing Trends to make Intranet Content more Engaging

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Top 3 Content Marketing Trends to make Intranet Content more Engaging

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Summary: Spice up your intranet content delivery with these top 3 content marketing trends.

Many organizations rely on content marketing as the core to their overall marketing strategy (we do!). The top priorities of a content marketer include creating engaging content, developing a better understanding of what content is, or isn’t, effective for their target audience, finding better ways to re-purpose content and becoming better storytellers. The more content your organization produces, the more aware people are of your brand and the more engaged people are with your brand.

That being said, what does content marketing have to do with your intranet?

Content marketing is defined as the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined audience. Much like how you, as an intranet administrator, must produce and distribute relevant, useful content on your intranet to engage your users. How you present this content to your users can impact intranet adoption and engagement. So what exactly are content marketers doing, and how can those content trends be applied to your intranet?

1. Creating Personalized Content

Everyday, people are bombarded with new content, so it’s extremely important to make sure your brand stands out in the crowd. Because of the fast-paced nature of today’s world, people only want to see what is valuable and relevant to them. This has caused many organizations to create personalized content, speaking directly to the needs and interests of their target audience. The key to making your content stand out is by answering your audiences biggest pain points.

Your intranet is a business tool designed to help your users accomplish their daily work tasks efficiently and effectively. Similar to how customers look for content, your employees go to the intranet to find what is helpful and relevant to them. To ensure your intranet content is actually helpful to your users, find out what they use the intranet for. Is a common pain point finding and filling out forms? Display popular Online Forms front and center in your top navigation.

Understanding your user’s intranet content needs will ensure your intranet is highly adopted.

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2. Including Visual Content

One of content marketers goals is to produce valuable content that not only educates their audience, but also entertains them. A huge part of producing entertaining content is through the use of visuals. Research has shown that visuals help increase people’s willingness to read content by 80%. Including visuals with your content also makes it memorable as readers are more likely to remember seeing images than what they actually read. Having images alongside your content will make your brand standout.

Including visuals, such as videos and images, on your intranet will have the same affect on your users. While it isn’t necessary to post ‘Instagram worthy’ pictures all over your intranet, there are ways you can make your intranet content more memorable by including small visual elements. For example, having corresponding icons next to your top navigation headers as a way to distinguish which header leads where, or incorporating an image with every blog post from the CEO. Do you have important news to share on your intranet that requires all employees attention? Create a distinctive image to go with it to ensure your users remember the news blast.

Including visuals will make your intranet content more memorable and engaging.

3. Delivering Interactive Content

With so much content available on a daily basis, it’s becoming more of a challenge to reach people. It’s not enough to simply produce static content anymore, people are looking to actively participate in content rather than just consume it. That’s where interactive content comes in. Interactive content inspires two-way interactions, and content marketers are now tasked with communicating back and forth with their target audience to stay relevant. Interactive content includes surveys, polls, quizzes and conversations, and this type of content allows people to have fun in the process of engaging with a piece of content.

Your intranet is the perfect platform to interact with your users, and you’re likely already using it as a communication tool. But simply sharing information on your intranet for your users to digest won’t have the same lasting impact that two-way interactions will. There are several interactive features already built-in to your intranet that make it easy for you to deliver interactive content, for example:

Continue to interact with your users to ensure the content you are delivering stands out.

Improve Your Intranet Content

I hope these content marketing trends inspire you to ramp up your intranet content! If you have any other intranet content tips you’d like to share, please comment below. Don’t have an intranet? See how to create intranet content in action by requesting a personalized demo of our software.

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By | 2017-11-09T11:09:44+00:00 October 11, 2016|Best Practices, Top 5 List|

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