Top 3 Features in a Bank Intranet

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Top 3 Features in a Bank Intranet

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Summary: Get more out of your Bank Intranet by utilizing these top 3 features as specified by our happy bank customers.

Not all financial organizations are built the same way. What a credit union requires can be totally different from the unique needs of a bank. That is why we worked closely with our many bank customers to deliver a bank intranet that caters to the specific needs of a bank.

That being said, we want to make sure you are benefiting from the all the features available on your bank intranet. Below is a list of the top 3 bank intranet features:

1. Document, Procedure & Policy Management

The banking industry is highly regulated, so it’s important that staff are abiding by company policies and following correct procedure. Our Bank Intranet Software includes comprehensive document, procedure and policy management functionality. Tools such as, Document Read and Agree, Policy Versioning and Policy Review, make it easy to store and update policies.

Document Read & Agree

Sometimes your bank may have important policies that must be read and understood. Document Read and Agree prompts staff to check off the box, “I have read and understood”, after reading a document. To ensure no policy or procedure goes unread, intranet admins can set multiple reminders to those who haven’t yet confirmed they’ve read the policy.

Policy Versioning

Provide strict controls to check-in/check-out a policy on your Bank Intranet with Policy Versioning. While a policy is checked out other employees won’t be able to make changes, ensuring policies are as up-to-date as possible.

Policy Review

Keep policies compliant with Policy Review. Set review dates for every document, procedure and policy to ensure that each of these important files are getting reviewed and updated appropriately. This eliminates the risk of staff accessing old policies or procedures no longer put into practice.

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2. Online Forms & Automated Workflows

Many banks use archaic, manual processes for internal workflows which can be time-consuming and costly. Because of this, our bank customers greatly benefit from the Online Forms and Automated Workflows

In addition, there is the ability to add triggers to forms. For example, when filling out an expense report, if the dollar amount an employee is trying to claim is more than a certain amount, you can add a trigger that asks for an explanation.

3. Employee Directory & Employee Profiles

Banks often have multiple branches and a number of seasonal or part-time staff. It can be difficult to track who is who and who works where. With the Employee Directory, you can display every employee in one central location on your Bank Intranet. The Employee Directory pulls from the Employee Profile, which features a photo, contact information, role, branch and personal information. This is very handy when staff need to quickly look for a colleague.

A nice thing about the Employee Directory that many of our bank customers utilize is tagging. For example, tagging staff with a specific skill or trait to make it easier for colleagues to find each other based on skillset.

Top Bank Intranet Features

There are many more features built-in to our Bank Intranet Software that can benefit your bank. However, these 3 are just the most heavily utilized features by our bank customers. What intranet features is your bank using that hasn’t been mentioned above? Share with us in the comments section below.

If you’re a bank and don’t have an intranet, we are happy to help you assess and evaluate the need for a bank intranet. To learn more, request a live demo of our Bank Intranet Software.

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