Top 4 Intranet Content Management Mistakes

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Top 4 Intranet Content Management Mistakes

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Managing content on your intranet is challenging. Especially for mature intranets that have built up a lot of content over time. Improperly managing content on your intranet can result in your intranet becoming one big content dumping ground, and employees will eventually get frustrated and abandon your intranet.

Working with clients on many intranet projects, we’ve seen it all when it comes to intranet successes and failures. If you want your intranet to be a success, avoid these top four content management mistakes in order to improve efficiency and usability.

Mistake #1: Not Archiving Dated Content

One of the biggest content management mistakes people make is not deleting or archiving dated content. Why is this a huge mistake? Without deleting or archiving content, you are risking employees referring back to content that is no longer relevant. For example, keeping old policies on your intranet that are no longer in effect.

Avoid making this content management mistake with the Archiving & Clean Up tools built in to your intranet.

Mistake #2: Not Assigning Content Managers

Many organizations make the mistake of leaving content management up to one person, which quickly becomes overwhelming and difficult to manage. One person simply can’t keep up with the amount of content on your intranet. Eventually, it will become too big a job for one person and they may give up and your intranet can become overloaded with content.

To avoid this, delegate content management to different people. For example, have the Sales Director manage all content on the sales site.

Mistake #3: Not Having an Approval Process

Another content management mistake people make is letting content publishing be a free-for-all. This means letting anyone upload content to the intranet with no real guidelines or approval process. Allowing this can quickly turn your intranet into a content dumping ground with more useless information than useful.

To avoid this mistake, utilize Content Publishing Delegation to set certain users as content publishers. Alternatively, you can allow anyone to publish content to your intranet, but have them go through an approval process first in order to ensure content is relevant, helpful and useful to all employees.

Mistake #4: Not Motivating Employees to Post Content

The final content management mistake people make is not motivating employees to post content. Often, people think of their intranet as an IT program. Therefore, they only expect IT to publish intranet content. The problem with that is that IT doesn’t necessarily want to post content on the intranet. HR, Sales and Marketing want to publish content and should be motivated to do so.

To avoid this mistake, put content management into the hands of those who want to do it. Motivate employees to publish content (such as blogs) by offering some type of incentive. Encouraging users to publish engaging content will improve intranet adoption and involvement.

Effective Intranet Content Management

Simply avoiding these mistakes will ensure content is properly managed on your intranet, improving productivity and efficiency. What content management strategies does your organization have in place? Please post your comments below.

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