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Top 5 Engaging Intranet Features

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To determine the most engaging features our intranet software has to offer we turned to our most collaborative employees, the Intranet Connections Office Dogs. From booking time off to enjoying some home cooking, these dogs know how to maintain a successful work/life balance. This post has gone to the dogs, so to speak, to prove how engaging your intranet can be and to get their ‘paw of approval’ on their Top 5 Engaging Intranet Features!

Chandler Bing

Marketing Sidekick
Intranet Feature of Choice: Vacation Calendar

Why? As a dog that loves his days away, the vacation calendar helps the rest of the office keep updated on his rather tumultuous schedule. The Vacation Calendar comes in handy for both office dogs, and employees, alike. The Vacation Calendar easily allows employees to view when their colleagues will be off; weeks, months and even years in advance. They can easily check the Vacation Calendar to ensure their deadlines don’t clash with their team member’s sun-soaked trip abroad.

Employees can also submit a request for time off with the click of a button. Once someone submits a request it goes into an approval stage. Automated emails will go to both the person requesting time off with the status of their approval, as well as to the approval manager letting them know they have a pending request. Once their request is reviewed, and approved, the vacation time will display in the calendar immediately. Chandler can now #humblebrag about his various adventures!



Head of Security
Intranet Feature of Choice: Recipe Exchange

Why? Baxter has food on the brain and wants to engage with other office dogs, and employees, in learning how he can satisfy his cravings for all things delicious. The recipe exchange brings people together to share recipes, cook times, directions, photos and more. It’s a great tool to promote employee engagement, hold ‘best recipe’ contests or promote a weekly dish. Display this feature on your intranet home page for employees to connect and communicate via ‘likes’ and comments.

The Recipe Exchange creates a stir among your employees and improves intranet adoption! This feature encourages employees to log in, share their recipes and see what others have contributed. Baxter simply hopes this will encourage someone to bring in their creation for a taste test!
For more ways to improve your Intranet adoption see these 7 Tips.


Physical Fitness, Health & Wellness
Intranet Feature of Choice: Online Buy & Sell

Why? Juno is all about connecting with her team members! She barks all day about the things she loves and now she can put those things on the Buy & Sell Exchange. This feature allows for employees to post items they are selling, as well as other information such as babysitter information, neighborhood restaurants and other networking information. This feature is completely managed and maintained by employees, but for added security there’s the option to send items into an approval stage prior to them being posted to make sure it meets company guidelines. By adding an ‘intranet classifieds’ to your intranet there are no guessing games. Your items and referrals are being given to people you know and trust.

Fou Fou

Comic Relief
Intranet Feature of Choice: Employee Profiles

Why? Fou Fou is fabulous and so is her Employee Profile. Employee Profiles are a great way to get employees to interact with each other on your intranet. Employees can add relevant tags and skills that are searchable across the intranet. Through the Employee Profile, employees can also update their status immediately or scheduled for the future if they know they’ll be out of the office in advance. Other tools include a To Do list that employees can use for both work and personal reminders, an RSS feed to stay updated with articles from their favorite sites around the web, follow employee milestones and receive alerts from activity they’ve done on the intranet. Managers can promote Employee Profiles on the intranet home page using the Featured Employee Feed to introduce new staff, highlight a special achievement or acknowledge an employee of the week! Fou Fou loves the spotlight and is hoping to be Employee of the Month very soon!


Head of Internal Affairs & Complaints
Intranet Feature of Choice: Idea Share Exchange

Why? Jack likes an office that runs smoothly! He takes suggestions seriously and will never be caught sleeping on the job (well almost never). To ensure he gets the best, and most immediate, feedback from employees he uses the Idea Share Exchange. The Idea Share Exchange is an Intranet feature where employees can submit their ideas, as well as constructive criticism, for management to review. Your employees are in the best position to comment on how policies and procedures work when applied to the day-to-day operations. You can turn on comments and ratings to encourage employee engagement and separate your Idea Share Exchange into different categories.

All of these features promote employee engagement, intranet adoption, collaboration and lend to a positive corporate culture. The social committee, aka our office dogs, have spoken and picked their Top 5 Engaging Intranet Features. Did we miss any? Let us know your favorite engaging intranet features in the comments section below.

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