Top 5 Things Every Business Intranet Should Have

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Top 5 Things Every Business Intranet Should Have

Summary: Ensure your Business Intranet engages employees, supports daily initiatives and reflects corporate values using these 5 features.

A business intranet is only effective if it engages employees, supports daily initiatives, reflects company values and ultimately helps people get work done. As an intranet administrator, it is up to you to ensure that these basic needs are being met by your business intranet platform. So where do you start? Make sure your business intranet has these 5 things:

1. Employee Profiles

It’s important that Employee Profiles on your business intranet are filled out with accurate and up-to-date information. Making sure profiles are properly filled out needs to be up to the staff member, however, you can ensure profiles are being kept up-to-date by having all staff review their profile annually. Include ‘fill out employee profile’ on an onboarding checklist to ensure new hires fill theirs out, too.

Why is it important for a business intranet to have completely filled out employee profiles? Profiles are often used for looking up colleagues contact information. Having empty fields, or incorrect information can cause frustration and ultimately waste time. In addition, if a profile doesn’t have an employee photo attached to it, this can make it difficult for colleagues to recognize one another. Having professional looking, consistent head shots is important – so have a photo day at work!

2. Enterprise Search

Ineffective intranet search is one of the biggest complaints about business intranet software. Intranet search that doesn’t work properly causes productivity and efficiency to decrease, as employees are spending too much time looking for resources. Powerful enterprise search isn’t just a useful tool to have, it’s a necessity.

For enterprise search to be effective, make sure it has:

  • Display Cards – shows a preview of search result
  • Search Filters – filter search results by document, form, person, etc.
  • Auto Suggestion – auto-completes search terms based on language in your intranet

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3. Engaging Content

People digest online content in very specific ways. You should deliver your intranet content much like how your favorite public websites deliver theirs. It is important to consider the audience your content is aimed towards, and what their needs or pain points are. Your intranet content should speak directly to your audience while addressing their needs.

Below are some tips for delivering engaging intranet content:

  • Include personalized content
  • Include images
  • Include interactive content (i.e. forms, surveys)
  • Use content tagging to make content ‘searchable’

4. Employee Recognition

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they perform better. If an employee is putting in extra effort to go above and beyond their daily work tasks, it feels good to be recognized for it. Celebrate and recognize employees for a job well-done with employee recognition on your business intranet. Employee recognition allows management, or employees, to publicly recognize a colleague for outstanding performance.

Employee recognition inherently brings a feel-good factor to your intranet. As a result, your intranet can quickly become a part of your corporate culture and employee recognition will become the norm.

5. Resources

Your intranet is a business tool. That being said, it’s important to make sure that your intranet is helping employees get their work done more efficiently and effectively. Having quick and easy access to resources is a must on your intranet. A successful business intranet should have a variety of tools and features that allow tasks to be done easily. These include things like documents, policies, online forms and more.

TIP: To further boost intranet adoption, make sure regularly performed tasks, such as filling out a form, are easily accessible. Including quick links to these tasks on your intranet homepage ensures people can access the resources they need in a timely manner.

Which tools you’re using on your Business Intranet that have increased adoption and employee engagement? We want to hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. Kathy P Weinhold March 18, 2017 at 5:07 am - Reply

    What a great and timely articles. We have just been focusing on how we can add more punch to our intranet. We love the tool we have (Intranet Connections), we just need to build a new model that still holds the same objects.

  2. Matthew April 11, 2017 at 1:07 am - Reply

    Really great material, thank you!
    I’d only add that an intranet should also meet people’s social needs. As they can integrate with each other by organizing events or congratulating each other on successes or sharing information.

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