Trade In Short-Term Resolutions For Long-Term Company Goals

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Trade In Short-Term Resolutions For Long-Term Company Goals

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Summary: Trade in short-term resolutions for long-term company goals. CEO, Rob Nikkel, discusses 8 company goals Intranet Connections has set for 2016. Get inspired to create your own company goals this year.

January has now passed and if we are to believe the statistics, that means more than 90% of us have already broken our resolutions. It seems that at the beginning of the year, after spending quality time with friends and family away from the office, we are re-energized and enthusiastic to do great things, be better humans, and predict a better future. It’s good to be aspirational and set ambitious goals that stretch us. It’s time, however, to trade short-lived resolutions in for long-term goals, which is what you’ll see from Intranet Connections.

2015 was a big year for us; a compelling release powered by new technology, changes in leadership, many new staff and fun team-building activities! We’re excited for what lies ahead and we believe trading in our resolutions for goals will ensure they live on – all year round.
Get inspired to build your company goals with 8 examples currently underway at Intranet Connections!

1. Have More Fun

Life is short and it can be hectic at times! Making time for ‘play’ is important, from celebrating together to working together, we need little victories to spur on the day. At Intranet Connections we plan at least one team-building activity a quarter which provide memories we can share and laugh with for years to come.

2. Give Back

This past holiday season we stepped up our ‘Secret Santa’ efforts to include a charitable cause. In an effort to get to know team members better we asked that they not only get a gift, but find a cause that’s near to their team-mates’ heart. Throughout the year we hope to follow this trend by participating in ‘runs for a cause’, donating towards community and clients causes and more.

TIP: Combine charitable giving with ‘fun’. At Intranet Connections we love running so signing up for a ‘Run for a cause’ as a team made perfect sense!

3. Invest In Staff

Employees are the core to any organization. At Intranet Connections we are a growing business in a rapidly changing industry, so we need to stay current and give employees the tools, skills, training and support to be successful and make their mark. To support this trend training and support implemented ‘Development Opportunities’ to our employee goals and launched them on our intranet!

4. Get Out There

After attending a Pragmatic Marketing conference we fell in love with one of their core beliefs: NIHITO. Nothing Important Happens In The Office. Although ‘nothing’ may be a little extreme, you’ll find us visiting clients, absorbing knowledge at conferences, and being more active outside the office. We always ensure our experiences offline are documented online with blog posts, company announcements and photos!

5. Embrace Discomfort

Change can be hard, but from discomfort comes growth. Doing what’s right, not what’s easy, is a big motto we strive towards. Finding ways to disrupt, adapt and learn together are key to building a strong and supportive team.

6. Be Proactive

It takes effort to reach out without being prompted, and find ways to give value when we’re not asked. We represent our authenticity and generosity by actively caring about employees, clients, and our community. Listening intently and scheduling regular meetings provides a window of opportunity for insight.

7. Positive Impacts

We celebrate our client’s achievements as much as we do our own! Positivity is contagious, and we want to do our part to spread successful stories, whether they are client experiences or ones of our employees. An intranet is a powerful tool to help build amazing, and positive, work places. From weekly blog posts from myself, the CEO, to upcoming events!

8. Make Life Easier

At the end of the day, making life easier has been our ultimate goal. Our aim with every client is to simplify their work environment, support rich workplace culture, connect people and provide easy-to-use tools to get their jobs done! At Intranet Connections we do this by constantly listening for improvements whether it be better training materials or more team-building activities.
2016 is a leap year, and it will be a giant leap for Intranet Connections as well. Introducing new initiatives, products & services that allow us to make a deeper impact to those we serve. We have an incredible team here and I’m excited to watch every member contribute, learn, grow and connect with one another and with you!
Have you set any goals for your company this year and beyond? We want to hear from you in the comment section below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:57+00:00 February 1, 2016|Collaboration, Corporate Intranet, Intranet Software, Leadership & Strategy|

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