TravisNet Shares 3 Pillars of a Successful Credit Union Intranet

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TravisNet Shares 3 Pillars of a Successful Credit Union Intranet

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Summary:  Travis Credit Union intranet replaced Microsoft FrontPage and saved thousands of IT hours while becoming the go-to resource for company materials.

Kelly Swanson, Sr. E-commerce Analyst has been with Travis Credit Union since the Microsoft days when he was the full-time intranet admin. He was apart of the decision to find a more effective intranet solution since Microsoft was far too complex and imposed a strain on their resources. When they made the switch, they weren’t just happy with the thousands of hours they saved in the IT department.

They now have a central, secure and user-friendly location their employees can navigate easily [without a half day of training]. 

Travis Credit Union

Founded in 1951 by military and civilian workers at Travis Air Force Base in California, Travis Credit Union has 24 branches and over 600 employees. TCU believes believe that the building blocks of a better quality of life include home ownership, cars, home furnishings, the means to manage emergencies, and some level of planned leisure and financial predictability. They exist to help everyday people to the spot they need to be in to accomplish their financial goals.

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1) Employee Adoption and Engagement

In order for a successful credit union intranet, you need to make sure it stays fresh, and one person can’t possibly do it all. “The [intranet] just works. There’s new information added in there every day. I don’t have to go in and manage it all because it’s a collective community.” TCU stores over 10,000 external links. As the go-to resource, it’s the kickoff spot for ordering office supplies, FedEx, salesforce, LMS, outlook web access, internal help desk, and literally thousands of more links. The enterprise search function makes a 1-click search easy to find exactly what you need, whether it’s a colleague’s phone number or a new policy.

“TravisNet is a great way to get employees involved with each other.” They have company-wide news, policy updates, regulation guidelines, as well as social applications like ‘living the mission’. It’s the best place to disseminate information, and to find what you need. Employee adoption is high because it’s the go-to source for time cards, ordering systems, access to Medicare and insurance.

Credit Union Intranet Security

2) Securing the Database

The primary function of Travis Credit Union Intranet is essentially a database. Credit Unions exist in a highly regulated industry and house a massive amount of highly sensitive data. TCU needed a central location to store documents along with up to date policies for compliance standards. It had to be accessible to all 600 employees across their 24 locations. More importantly, it had to be secure. With intellectual property, credit reports, employee home addresses, and a database of over 10,000 external linking into sites such as the IRS, employee addresses, and client credit reports, security is always top of mind.


3) Time and Cost Savings

One of the main reasons our customers switch to us from Microsoft is to put an end to the strain on the IT department without the exorbitant costs of third-party consultants. Our software is priced at a one-time license fee designed specifically for small to mid-size companies. These are organizations who don’t have an unlimited budget or an entire IT department dedicated to customizing their intranet. Any obstacles are resolved immediately in the Help Center, or with one of our dedicated support staff.  “Having trouble? [Intranet Connections] will remote in and it’s fixed. You can’t say that about big companies, they don’t have the time.”

Do you have any questions about how we helped Travis Credit Union save thousands of hours for their IT department? Leave us a note below!

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By | 2018-04-20T10:42:17+00:00 April 17, 2018|Customer Stories|

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