Today many of you may be experiencing the Halloween hangover, just as we are here at Intranet Connections. Too much candy and face paint to handle in one day. But we had a great time yesterday getting into the spirit and celebrating the festivities. Hosting our annual costume contest, we had a number of contenders for the grand prize.

Meet the Maz

An employee favorite and customer favorite, Maz, was in the running until the bitter end but even with the pre-Movember mustache he was not voted to the throne this year. Better luck next year Maz. If we allowed customers to vote you would have been a shoe-in for first place.

 Intranet Connections - Support - Maz

Developers’ Corner

We had multi-cultural representation from 2 junior developers on the dev team, but they came up short in the prize category. A big thanks to Shamz and Eric for coding in a mask and headdress. ๐Ÿ™‚


Intranet Connections’ Costume Winner

This yearโ€™s prize went to our very own lifer at IC โ€“ Kyla who has been with us 11+ years(!) She not only scared Maz with this great costume, she also spooked our office mascots, my dog Tucker and Kyla’s dog Blue.

Social Intranet Success

The true success of a great employee event is a display of camaraderie with endless laughs, stories told and pictures shared – which we have done through our own team intranet site. Find out how you can create a social workplace to build employee relationships with Intranet Connections.

Intranet Connections Building Employee Relationships

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