Understanding the Difference Between Intranet Sites, Pages & Apps

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Understanding the Difference Between Intranet Sites, Pages & Apps

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Summary: A breakdown of the difference between intranet sites, pages and apps, including examples.

Since I started working on the Support Team at Intranet Connections, I have noticed that many of our new customers need help understanding the difference between sites, pages and apps. When first starting out with your intranet, it may be difficult to figure out where things should go and who should have access to those things. In this blog, I’m going to provide examples of sites, pages and apps so you can better understand the difference.

What is an Intranet Site?

The reason most organizations get an intranet is to provide a central location for individuals, departments or project teams to communicate and collaborate on. The best way to accomplish this is to build sites containing information that is specific to these groups. Think of an intranet site as an area to organize ideas on, much like a bulletin board.

What is an Intranet Page?

Once you have your sites, you can organize the content of your site onto pages. The page of a site is called a home page. A good home page is like a restaurant menu, by taking a look at it, you have an idea of the type of food they will serve. For example, if your organization has a Social Committee responsible for planning events, they can create a page dedicated solely to staff events.

You can choose to display static content or dynamic content on a page. When referring to a page with dynamic content on it, we use the term widget. Widget pages are a powerful way to drive intranet adoption. You can create Quick Polls, Discussion Forums and a What’s New Feed using the widget page format. Alternatively, you can create a simple content page using HTML. For example, you can use content pages to introduce a department, the company mission or company history.

What is an Intranet App?

Apps can be viewed as empty containers for your content. Apps can be used to create Online Forms, store Documents and Policies or even create a Help Desk Ticketing system, just to name a few examples. Anything that is content specific will be stored in an app. You can do a lot with apps, for example they can be included in a widget to make the content easily accessible to users, and from there you can apply restrictions to determine who can and can’t access the content. You can also set up notifications so that when new content is added to an app, certain users are notified via email.

How Can I Manage a Site, Page or App?

We often recommend assigning an intranet champion to manage your sites, pages or apps. Having a person dedicated to maintain specific areas of the intranet is another way to make your intranet a collaborative tool. You can have site owners, page owners and app owners.

Once you have your content organized, granting access is the next step. By default, when setting up users on your intranet, they are granted global access. As administrator’s, you can then decide who gets access to sites, pages or apps and assign ownership. The beauty about our product is that you will only see the content that you have access to. If you were not given permission to access an area or document, it will simply not show up!

Understanding the Difference

Based on the above information, you can say that your intranet is made up of sites, which in turn are organized into various pages that hold static or dynamic content, and apps are used to store specific content in a page. Hopefully, with this post I was able to make some sense out of these key elements of your intranet.

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