Upgrade to 14.0 – Promote Employee Engagement Today!

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Upgrade to 14.0 – Promote Employee Engagement Today!

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Summary: Intranet Insights is here and ready for takeoff – we provide the instructions on how to upgrade to 14.0 – and how to use it to promote employee engagement.

The new upgrade for intranet ‘insights’ has been released in September 2017. This release includes handy new statistics that promote employee engagement and adoption on your intranet, manage your content and make improvements to the search function. Dig deep into the intranet usage with stats at every level.

How Do I Upgrade to Version 14.0?

I’m glad you asked! Pack your bags and get ready to take off to a whole new world of features. Before you go, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Am I the Super Admin on this account?
  2. Is Our software up to date with version 13.0.9 or higher?
  3. Do I have web server local admin access to the C drive?

If you have answered yes to these questions, congratulations! You are ready to go forward with the upgrade! There are detailed instructions in our new Help Center on how to upgrade your intranet to Version 14.0 Intranet Insights. Follow these instructions then come back to this blog to see what’s next in store for you.

I’ll wait…

Welcome back!

Once you’ve upgraded to the new version of Intranet Insights 14.0, head to the stats icon on the navigation bar (or use the enterprise search bar). Set up the Main Dashboard.

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Measure Adoption Rate & Promote Employee Engagement with The Main Dashboard

On the main dashboard, you’ll see a visual representation of overall intranet adoption as a percentage of the total staff. Customize your dashboard to the time frame and employees you wish to measure. There are primary filters located in the top right of the dashboard that you may use to adjust the time frame for your metrics. You may also adjust who the statistics are tracking. They will default to include either everyone, only those with a full employee profile, or ones with just a login. Determine employee engagement rate with their average number of visits and time spent on the site, displayed on the main dashboard. This section will also advise which employees are the top contributors to the site. Use the settings on the top to customize your results by department or location, and compare these to the baseline engagement.

See What Has An Impact With Application Usage

The applications usage category highlights the most and the least popular applications. Customize the primary and secondary filters to restrict views to specific users within a department or location.  The columns in the dashboards include 8 metrics for assessing engagement, which can be filtered down by time frame, site, department or location. Use this dashboard to see what your employees are using on the site, and what needs to be spruced up, provided as a reminder, or deleted.

Content Management

The content dashboards are very useful in keeping your intranet clean and organized. They indicate how much interaction there is with the information within your applications. There five dashboards including top content, stale content, top pages, stale pages, and deleted items. Set your filters to customize what applications and users you wish to measure.

Optimize Search Function

Have your staff ever mentioned they were not able to locate a file or folder on the intranet? It’s possible the title or body content is not exactly how they thought it would be phrased. With the new Missed Searches function in version 14.0, you’re able to see exactly how many searches were unsuccessful in locating what the user intended.

Save your dashboards into formats that are easy to read and presentable to management. Use them to see how you can make your intranet more user friendly and easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy the newest version of Intranet Connections! If you have any questions about the upgrade, check out our Help Center. If you can’t find what you need, our support staff are standing by to provide assistance.

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By | 2017-10-23T08:54:21+00:00 September 21, 2017|Product News|

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