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WaveCreste’s Intranet Unifies Employees

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This is a guest blog post by Phillip Poarch who is Integration Champion (what a great title!) at WaveCreste, an IT professional services, consulting and outsourcing company. WaveCreste’s clientele includes some of the leading Fortune 50 telecommunications and high tech companies. They are headquartered near Boston and employs more than 300 system professionals.

Thanks to Phillip and his team for sharing their intranet story!

We implemented the Harbor back in November of 2011.  Overall we have enjoyed the Intranet Connections product.  We’ve moved past the early adopter stage and we are trying to leverage in every part of our organization.

The Harbor is a central point of communication and information for over 300 employees at WaveCreste. It’s where users go to unload and get access to what’s happening in their organization.

The Harbor’s Homepage:



We are using the Harbor to unify two corporations.  We have accomplished this by co-branding this site, providing information about other locations, and by unifying all communication.  It’s also being leveraged as we focus on process improvement and developing our own methodology.  The methodology resides on the Harbor and once it’s complete Project Manager will reference it to understand their requirements.

Location Pages

Our company is spread across the United States so we created intranet sub-sites for each city. These city pages create a sense of community because users can share their favorite venues for restaurants, entertainment and even information on local municipal offices.

San Antonio, TX Home Page:

Project Pages

In addition, we are working towards every project having their own department site where they can create custom applications and content.  This will improve collaboration between virtual teams that are spread across the country.  This also helps in knowledge transfer as employees are moved to new projects because the Department Site becomes the knowledge base.


People behind our Intranet

As I mentioned, the Harbor serves two different corporations.  One of the corporations has a majority of their employees at our customer’s locations.  The Harbor has allowed us to connect with those employees to not only share information but to see their faces.  With our intranet, employees have stories and images to associate with their company as well as their customers.

Do you use your intranet to unify two or more corporations?



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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:48+00:00 March 22, 2012|Customer Stories|

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