We Love our Customers & They Love Their Intranet Software!

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We Love our Customers & They Love Their Intranet Software!

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Ben Cohen, Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry’s said, “there is a spiritual aspect to our lives — when we give, we receive — when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!” It’s because of this that the Intranet Connections team is dedicated to not only providing a quality product, but outstanding customer support.

Great customer service/product support is so impactful that even if your product is the best on the market but your customer service isn’t, you will lose customers.  Everyone has experienced this, think about a time where you visited a restaurant and their food was absolutely delicious, but their service was poor and it tainted the overall experience – you likely never visited that establishment again.

That is why at Intranet Connections, we LOVE our customers and we aren’t afraid to show it. And in turn, they love us right back!

Kudos for Stellar Support Services

Many intranet customers have been with us for well over decade, and in this time we’ve gotten to know them on a personal level and become friends, actually, we refer to them as part of our Intranet Connections family. We are incredibly lucky to have such dedicated and passionate customers that provide outstanding feedback to us year after year. They help us take our product, support and services to the next level.

Lucky for us, this appreciation and recognition is bidirectional, here are a few happy customers that have shared their positive experiences with our Stellar Support Team:

Intranet Testimonial

“Intranet Connections is awesome. They have been easy to work with and I happily sing their praises to all of the poor companies suffering from lousy intranets! They provide top-notch intranet software and support that can’t be beat. We are happy we found Intranet Connections.”

Kelly Bourdeau, MEMIC

Intranet Testimonial

“There is no way that we would have been able to have the same conversations with Microsoft (SharePoint) that we have had and could have with Intranet Connections. To this day, if there is something that we aren’t sure about, it’s so easy to pick up the phone and chat with the support team. If the functionality isn’t available, Intranet Connections is always willing to take suggestions for future development. And they have! We have seen our suggestions be put into place in their product already.”

Tim McCoy, Vice President of Marketing & eCommerce, In Touch Credit Union

Business Intranet Software Testimonial

“Intranet Connections intranet software has gone far above and beyond my expectations! We are still discovering new features and functionality in this comprehensive platform years after launching our intranet. It’s rare nowadays that you find such an outstanding product, simple to use and the support staff are more like friends helping you out than the all too often stand-offish support we’ve grown accustomed to dealing with from most other organizations.”

Christian Mulvey, Texas Partners Federal Credit Union

Intranet Testimonial

“We have had Intranet Connections since 2006 and their customer support team is absolutely second to none. The product is easy to use and navigate and it grows with your organizational needs. We are a 150 bed hospital with about 2500 users (staff, physicians, and business partners). Our biggest use of the intranet is for communication on new policies, new orders/protocols, call schedules, and a slew of electronic forms to submit data.”

Michael Ward, Anderson Hospital

Intranet Testimonial

“The Intranet Connections’ support staff has been amazing. I cannot thank them enough. They have consistently shown positive attitudes, fast response times, inexhaustible patience and terrific product knowledge. The support team shows genuine concern for resolving my issues; it is rare and refreshing to work with such a concerned and dedicated service team.”

Sarah Wilkins, Columbia Valley Community Health

Intranet Testimonial

“We absolutely love the Intranet Connections’ support staff! It is uncommon these days to find friendly, responsive and knowledgeable support technicians, especially in the software industry. They are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we may have and ensure we are 100% satisfied with the solution before claiming a resolution. We highly recommend Intranet Connections to any Hospice or Healthcare Organization looking for a reliable Intranet Partner!”

Cari Jones, Pathways Hospice

Receiving positive feedback like this is huge boost for our hardworking support team!

Reliable & Simple Intranet Software Appreciated

While we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer support, however, we also strive to deliver a quality product. Here are a few more examples of customers sharing their appreciation for our reliable and simple intranet software platform:

Intranet Testimonial

“We use forms quite heavily within our organization, and each form needs to go through a specific workflow process depending on the data entered into the form. I love the triggered workflow functionality of Form Builder because it allows me to set up one form with various triggered workflows, which reduces the number of forms that we use and ensures each submission is sent to the correct approval manager.”

Rick Cummings, Titan America

Intranet Testimonial

“Intranet Connections has made the administrative side of maintaining our intranet a real delight. Robust with tools and update mechanisms, it is almost FUN to perform administrative tasks on our site! They’ve done a great deal of work to place links strategically, and smooth out workflow steps so getting tasks done is a really nice experience. They even have a very powerful stats application that is really great for tracking visitation and usage on the site.”

Peter Barron, Rio Rancho Public Schools

Intranet Testimonial

“Intranet Connections has significantly boosted our employee engagement levels while helping us inform and align our entire team with our strategic company vision. Through utilizing Intranet Connection’s corporate social networking and communication tools we have increased participation and involvement within the corporation tenfold, making our organization a more cohesive collective of workers.”

Abel Rodriguez, Red Tag Vacations

Intranet Testimonial

“For almost 14 years I have been a customer of Intranet Connections, one of the originals. I’ve found Intranet Connections software easy to implement, use and maintain. With so many built in applications, there is no technical development required, as is often the case with other solutions such as SharePoint. The Intranet Connections team never ceases to amaze me, especially with the new navigation options that modernize my intranet.”

Katherine Murphy, City of North Vancouver

Intranet Testimonial

“I highly recommend Intranet Connections – we have been using them for years and their customer service is fantastic! Intranet Connections has really done so much to help us grow our intranet to make it the #1 spot for our employees to visit whether it be for a form from HR or to see recent hires or the weather in our other office locations. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Lauren Koller, Huntsworth Health

Delivering a quality product that helps our customers better connect, collaborate and create is a team effort and these positive reinforcements assure us our efforts are well worth it! To hear what more of our customers are saying, visit our testimonial page.

Thank You from Intranet Connections

The Intranet Connections team would like to thank all of our customers for the kind words and continued support. It is because of your support that we continue to develop our product with new releases and improvements and strive to offer the best customer support we can. We also appreciate you sharing your stories and experiences working with our product and team. If you want to share your experience, please comment below!

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