Summary: Join us for a webinar on June 21, 2017, to uncover intranet ROI with real-time intranet analytics and metrics. Intranet Insights is our new tool that helps you get big picture HR metrics and analytics with at-a-glance dashboards!

Intranet Connections imminent release of Intranet Insights is on the cusp of arrival. The new product offerings include statistics your company can use to determine top contributors, employee activity logs and more. Previous product releases have focused on Search (version 13.0), Policy and Procedure Management (version 13.5), and now version 14.0 Stats. In anticipation of the release, we are hosting a webinar.

Introducing Intranet Analytics and Metrics Webinar

Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Time: 11:00AM PT/ 2:00PM ET
Duration: 30 minutes
Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now.

Join us for this webinar to get a sneak peek of our upcoming product release, Intranet Insights! Marketing Manager, Elizabeth George, will give you exclusive access to Intranet Connections’ unique Intranet Analytics and Metrics tool. Included in our Intranet Software, Intranet Analytics will revolutionize how you measure intranet adoption and employee engagement.

Intranet Insights Webinar

Highlighted Features:

Learn how your staff are using your intranet, who are the top content contributors and track inactivity by department or location. The metrics added in Intranet Insights are made to increase employee adoption rates, identify areas of improvement, and provide solutions.

  • Track employee adoption rates
  • List of top content contributors
  • Activity log
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Detailed analytics
  • Create effective search terms

The key areas we will focus on during the webinar include:

1. Measuring Intranet Adoption

With the new activity log feature, managers are able to monitor adoption rates by location and department. With the new ability to locate activity – and inactivity, employers can offer solutions to improve employee engagements.

2. Identify Popular and Stale Content

The preview of Top Applications reflects the key tools on your intranet and the way in which you use it, which displays:

  • Top applications
  • Least popular applications
  • Top content
  • Stale Content

Human Resources and Marketing departments can use this tool to asses levels of engagement, and determine which communication method is best of delivering information to employees.

3. Improve Search Effectiveness

Intranet Connections version 14.0 provides valuable insight to missed searches, enabling the administrator to adjust naming folders and content so that staff are able to easily locate their files in a pinch. Previously, acronyms, such as HR instead of Human Resources, can prevent search functions from working properly. With the newest version, near misses are captured in Stats to allow authors to adjust the titles.

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