What Is Intranet Connections? A Workplace Problem Solver

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What Is Intranet Connections? A Workplace Problem Solver

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Summary: What is Intranet? This is a question we often receive from prospects who recognize the problems they face in the workplace but aren’t exactly sure how to solve them. That’s where Intranet Connections comes to play. So the question is not’ What is Intranet’ but should be ‘What is Intranet Connections, and how can they help?

Most of our clients have switched from SharePoint or from a previously in-house intranet. But many people who come to us, have never used an intranet or don’t fully understand what it is or its capabilities. This blog post is to answer the basic question: What Is Intranet Connections? And to offer some solutions to problems that we typically hear when speaking to clients looking for a company intranet.

Intranet Connections is a company software that increases productivity in the workplace. This is accomplished by offering over 100 features in one central location that help your employees complete their day to day tasks more efficiently. A few of the problems that we solve for our clients include:

Problem #1: Our documents are disorganized, difficult to locate, outdated, or we aren’t sure which version is the most up to date.

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Solution #1: Document Management Software

An intranet is a repository to store, edit, revise and publish files, otherwise known as a content management system. This is a central location where employees at multiple locations can access documents, standards, policies, and forms as they need. The benefit of having an out-of-the-box intranet as opposed to an in-house or SharePoint solution means that users with the appropriate permission level can edit documents, without having to go through the IT department or an expensive third-party consultant.

Tip: The key to a successful document management system is the ability to provide employees with the documents they are searching for with accuracy. Enterprise search capability at Intranet Connections means that search results come in a list of file title, meta description, then body content. This way, employees do not get frustrated if they are searching for ‘HR forms’, but they don’t pop up because they have been filed as ‘Human Resources Forms’. Additionally, administrators have the ability to check for ‘missed searches’ in the stats section of the intranet, to continue to improve the naming of documents to ensure they are easily accessible.

Problem #2: Our organization is expanding, and we are having a difficult time with communication. Our employees don’t know who their counterpart is in a new location, and management isn’t sure which locations need certain resources.

Solution #2: People Directory

An active people directory helps staff to identify who it is within the organization that they need to contact for different purposes. Perhaps a team has a new manager, job positions have changed, or a department has now become centralized. Provide the tools for employees to gather information themselves rather than wasting time to search for an answer.

Tip: Have your employees get creative with their profile. This can include information on what their role is, and their work experience prior to your organization. Include employee personality tests to get employees to know each other better.

Problem #3: Our employees are constantly inundated with emails, which are often lost, forgotten or unread.

Solution #3: Use Communication Tools Other Than Email

Multiple communication tools help to replace an excessive number of emails. The company news is the perfect replacement for the dreaded ‘all-staff’ emails. If there are new policies or procedures that certain employees must review, set a ‘read and agree’ reminder to keep track. Project sites, discussion forums, and message boards are a great way for teams to communicate, while only allowing individuals with proper authority access. Live chat is a handy tool when you need a quick answer right away without having to pick up the phone or wait for an email response from a colleague.

Problem #4: Our employees are growing complacent.

Solution #4: Generate Employee Engagement

No matter what your product is, your most valuable capital is likely your employees. Therefore, keeping them engaged should be a top priority. With the demographic shifting to a heavy-millennial infused employee, a work/life balance is more important than ever before. A few tips for keeping employees engaged and happy in the workplace include:

  • Celebrate employee milestones such as birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions or personal celebrations such as having a baby.
  • Recognize exceptional service by offering kudos, announcing positive feedback from a customer, or posting about a job well done in the company news section.
  • Develop individual goals with reasonable deadlines to generate a sense of urgency, and a sense of accomplishment when they are completed. Ensure there is a connection to the company goals to the employee is aware of how their work is attributed to the overall company goals.
  • Ask for feedback to assess employee satisfaction, and to discover techniques to keep individuals engaged.
  • Communicate company culture, values and mission statement to the team.
  • Offer proper onboarding training. Employees who are trained properly will be able to perform their job duties better.
  • Offer skills training. Employees who lack certain skills or experience should be assisted with a workplace education program. This will not only help to keep the individual employee engaged, but will also contribute to the overall organization.

Problem #5: Our IT Department is too busy to handle an intranet, or to update our current one. It’s too expensive to hire third-party consultants to help.

Solution #5: Get an out-of-the-box company intranet.

With drag and drop functionality, and a template catered to your industry needs, administrators of the site don’t need to be technologically savvy. With intranet connections, our average customer lifetime is 7 years, with a one-time maintenance fee that includes installation, and the first year of unlimited support.

Our highly-knowledgeable and friendly support staff will be with you along the way to make sure your company intranet solves all these previously listed problems. Still not too sure you understand exactly what is intranet connections? Leave us a comment below, or sign up for a free guided tour of our intranet from a member of our client services representatives.

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