What is the Difference Between Us and SharePoint?

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What is the Difference Between Us and SharePoint?

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Summary: We highlight 7 reasons organizations make the switch from SharePoint to an intranet software alternative; including price, complexity, and resources!

Many Intranet Connections customers have made the switch from SharePoint. When asked why they made the switch, common answers we receive is that SharePoint is too difficult to use, too expensive and requires too many resources to maintain. Aside from that, though, how does Intranet Connections differ? We’ve put together this helpful comparison list showcasing the main differences between SharePoint and Intranet Connections.

1. Simple Intranet Management

Your organization grows and changes over time, so updating your intranet will be an ongoing process. That being said, your intranet should accommodate these changes and make it easy for you to update. Our platform is simple to use, and most changes or updates can be done through the front-end using simple inline editing tools, such as drag and drop. Based on these features, intranet management can be taken out of the hands of an already busy IT department and delegated to department specific admins.

2. No IT Resources Required

Intranet management often falls into the hands of IT. Unfortunately, IT is simply too busy to maintain intranet software, and as a result, updates are left far too long. At Intranet Connections, we take care of the install for you and you can automate site backups. The only thing you have to do is prep your server for install. In addition, product updates are made through the front-end admin section. As long as you have made back-ups, you can apply updates yourself.

3. Real-Time, Unlimited Support

If you have any questions about your intranet, you can send them directly to our happy-to-help support team. Many of our customers who have switched from SharePoint found it difficult to reach SharePoint support and didn’t receive timely responses. We offer unlimited support, either via phone or email, so if you encounter an issue, you can pick up the phone and talk to a real person right away.

4. Over 100 Features

We have over 100 features built-in to our intranet software. In order to access each feature, all you have to do is activate it! The same goes if you want to remove a feature, simply disable it. With SharePoint, you need to figure out how to integrate features with your existing site or outsource an expensive SharePoint consultant to build your intranet for you. We want you to have access to every feature on our intranet platform with just the click of a button, no third-party resources required.

5. One-Time Licensing Fee

Our pricing structure is very simple. You pay a one-time licensing fee, and that’s it. That means you won’t be charged additional costs as your organization grows, unlike SharePoint’s pay-per-user pricing structure. Every time you add a new hire to your organization, your SharePoint intranet will become more expensive.

6. All-Inclusive Pricing

Our one-time licensing fee is all-inclusive. This means that it includes installation assistance, product training, product upgrades and unlimited support. In addition, you get access to every intranet feature. SharePoint charges you additional fees for certain features, such as Enterprise Search.

7. Quick Implementation

On average, it takes our new customers 1 to 3 months to get their intranet fully up and running. Many of our customers who switched from SharePoint said it took them upwards of a year, if not longer, to implement their SharePoint intranet.

Are you experiencing challenges with your Sharepoint?

Have you faced challenges with your SharePoint and are looking for an alternative? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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