Summary: Striking a balance between a Business Intranet and a social tool is tricky. We outline 3 steps to take to find both productivity and engagement in your intranet!

With applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter playing a more active role for many businesses it can sometimes be difficult to understand how social elements should be deployed on a Business Intranet – or if there is even a place for them to begin with.

Drawing the line between a Business Intranet and a social tool can sometimes feel like balancing a set of scales. On one end, you have productivity and on the other you have engagement. A good Business Intranet doesn’t have to be social for it to be engaging but introducing some social aspects can ensure a successful intranet adoption.

Incorporating social features plucked straight from Facebook to your Business Intranet won’t guarantee employees will adopt their new intranet any easier, but understanding the way in which your employees interact with social tools will allow you to introduce a level of intuitive design to your Business Intranet, and that will surely put you on the right track.

When debating how social your Business Intranet should be, consider the following:

1. Select Intranet Goals

The main purpose of many organization’s intranets is to solve business problems around communication, information management and to improve business processes.
As a Client Services Representative, this is the main priority with clients I work with. The desire to find solutions drives the implementation of a successful Business Intranet.

2. Decide Your Tipping Point

There comes a point where social features will begin to eat away at the time your intranet is designed to save. The last thing you want is employees to be spending work hours tagging each other in irrelevant content, sharing memes, and posting on each other’s walls when they are supposed to be working. Having a purely social intranet puts employee productivity at risk. As previously mentioned, a Business Intranet should draw inspiration from the way in which users easily engage with social tools, not from the way in which those social tools occupy time.

3. Find Your Balance

There are ways to make your intranet social, without the worry of wasted time & productivity. Out-of-the-box intranet software, like Intranet Connections, can provide flexibility when it comes to social aspects and engagement without the fear of employees being caught up and wasting time at work. By establishing the right balance of social engagement and business productivity based on your organization’s needs, you will see an intranet that delivers real company improvements and returns.

Are you struggling to find the right balance between a social and business intranet for your organization? We want to hear from you in the comment section below! Request a demo to learn more about our Business Intranet.

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