What’s in a Financial Intranet?

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What’s in a Financial Intranet?

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Summary: An overview of what our Financial Intranet Software has to offer from Employee Communication tools to E-Learning & Onboarding tools.

We worked closely with our current financial customers to discover what pain points they were experiencing, and how we could solve those issues with our Financial Intranet Software. As a result, we delivered Financial Intranet Software stocked with over 100 finance-focused features to help your bank, credit union or other financial institution better connect, collaborate and create. With so many features available, knowing what to do with them can be a challenge. Luckily, our brand new Financial Intranet Whitepaper will walk you through what each feature has to offer!

From communication and collaboration tools to e-learning and onboarding tools, Intranet Connections’ Financial Intranet has you covered. Get your day-to-day work tasks done more efficiently and effectively with this comprehensive solution.

Employee Communications

Our Financial Intranet provides you with the right tools to improve internal communication within your bank, credit union or other financial institution. From the robust Employee Directory to Live Chat, Message Boards and Status Updates, your Financial Intranet gives you a number of options to better connect your employees. Easily enable or disable any of these communicative features as it makes sense for your organization.

External Communications

Leverage your Financial Intranet to track your external contacts, such as suppliers, as well as build your relationship with these contacts. With the ability to create an Extranet Portal, you can maintain connections on your intranet allowing you to provide Secure/Anonymous Access or send Automated Emails to external company contacts without an individual login to your intranet.

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Enterprise Search

One of the most common pain points organizations face on their intranet is lack of enterprise search functionality. The Financial Intranet whitepaper covers the six enterprise search features included in our Financial Intranet, and how each of these can improve the overall user experience. For example, Display Cards make is easier for your staff to find what they are looking for as it provides a visual confirmation of the search result, improving overall search accuracy.

Information Sharing

Share information through content feeds and engaging intranet widgets. Each of these features are specifically designed for information sharing, such as  through Self-Service Branches, Team/Department Sites and more. The Financial Intranet Whitepaper goes into depth on each of these features to ensure you are using your Finance Intranet to it’s full potential.

Content Management

Often when talking to our customers, Content Management is a major pain point they face. Our Financial Intranet comes stocked with a flexible content and document management system, with fifteen robust features to improve organization and efficiency in your bank, credit union or other financial institution.

Employee Engagement

Bring staff together with the Employee Engagement features built-in to your Financial Intranet. For example, Blogging, Discussion Forums, Quick Polls and more. These features are designed to provide a more engaging intranet site, improve intranet adoption and enhance the overall user experience.

E-Learning & Onboarding

Leverage the power of your Financial Intranet for hiring and training new staff, or the professional development of current staff, with e-learning and onboarding tools. You can standardize the hiring process, centralize training resources, test new hires and more. In addition, easily conduct training session with the Online Training Calendar.

E-Forms & Workflows

Streamline and automate business processes, operations and communications with E-Forms and Workflows. These tools include intuitive Online Forms, Automated Approval Workflows, Dynamic Forms and more. Dive deeper into these features with the Financial Intranet Whitepaper.

Intranet Design & Architecture

The Financial Intranet Whitepaper covers the number of different features that help you design and customize your intranet. From creating intuitive navigation with Mega Menus to creating an engaging intranet home page, the whitepaper discusses all the ways in which you can personalize your intranet to make it your own and reflect your brand.

Intranet Management

Intranet administrators can manage your intranet easily and efficiently with the simple Intranet Management features included in our Financial Intranet Software, such as smart delegation. You can enable Admin Role Delegation and Site Ownership to determine which individuals or groups will be in charge of updating and maintaining your intranet. Gone are the days where the intranet is left to only IT to manage.

Your Financial Intranet

For a detailed list of our Financial Intranet Software features, and to learn more about what each feature does, click the link below to download the Financial Intranet Whitepaper. Already using our Financial Intranet? Share your experiences with using these features in the comments section.

Download Financial Intranet Whitepaper

Financial Intranet Whitepaper

Download our exclusive Financial Intranet Whitepaper to discover the more than 100 features built directly in our Financial Intranet Software.


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