We recently launched a new version of Intranet Connections, and decided to capture our customers’ perspectives while they were on our extranet site to obtain the latest upgrade.

The question on our quick poll was “Who owns your Intranet”?  We had three primary departments that are logical options (IT, HR and Communications).  We offered the generic “other” and decided to throw in “everyone” because our philosophy is that all employees should be a part of the growth and success of the intranet through active participation and contributions.

We found the results interesting.

intranet ownership chart

From the responses thus far it turns out that 45% of our customers answered “everyone”.  While one customer may interpret the question differently than another, it is exciting to (broadly) infer that:

  1. Employees are indeed contributing and participating on a regular basis; or
  2. The concept of one department owning the intranet tool is starting to change

Part of our excitement stems from the realization that a majority of our customers are fairly conservative.  We have a handful of innovative companies who launch all new features and concepts eagerly, but most tend to slowly embrace change and the social 2.0 movement.  It is encouraging to see that a majority of our clients do see their intranets as belonging to all employees, one of our metrics for measuring intranet success.

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