Who Should Own Your Intranet?

Who Should Own Your Intranet?

Summary: How to delegate intranet ownership and tips to get started, including; understanding intranet basics, onboarding new users, setting permissions and effective menu navigation.

When establishing who should take ownership of your intranet the age old adage ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ rings true. Your company is a culmination of many departments who all have different goals. To think that one person can determine the needs of an entire organization would be overreaching. With that in mind, it’s important that more than one person holds the key to your intranet!

Who Should Hold The Master Key To Your Intranet?

The master key tends to fall to the person who was tasked with finding and implementing an intranet. If you’re reading this, you may have fallen into this category. Many people assume that the person who introduced a new system will maintain ownership.

Introducing an intranet vs. maintaining your intranet are very different tasks. Requests come in quite often about how best to distribute ownership of your intranet, so we highlighted 6 best practices to intranet governance, including:

  • Select your Super Admin (Master Key)
  • Choose 1-2 intranet admins
  • Delegate site owners (usually department heads)
  • Allow employees to contribute (to ensure it’s an engaging, not restrictive, intranet environment)
  • Provide additional elevated rights (Designers only allowed to edit designs etc.)
Before you can assign intranet and site admins you have to determine who holds the master key, aka the Super Admin. To find the Super Admin, you should look for a person, or department, with the following qualities: they dream up big ideas, they’re eager and excited to see ideas come to fruition, they like finding an opportunity to do things better, to save money, to initiate direction and they want to ensure employees are happy and productive! Do these qualities match a person or department at your organization?

How To Get Started:

It is great being able to identify key people you’d like involved in your intranet, but getting started can feel overwhelming. We’ve got you covered. Our Support Team has worked closely with many new intranet admins and outlined some Helpful New Admin Tips which include; understanding the basics of your intranet, onboarding new users, setting permissions for new users and, having effective menu navigation.

Doesn’t Software Require IT?

Typically IT is in charge of purchasing, managing and maintaining company software, and intranet is software. That being said, your intranet is used by many employees and departments, each with different needs and use-cases. As a best practice, intranet ownership should be given to those who actually want to do it. With smart delegation tools built in to your intranet, anyone who wants to be admin has the power to do so, no IT required.

If intranet ownership has fallen to IT, we cover 4 basic examples of how you can break-up intranet admin and ownership so IT isn’t the only one holding the key, which include; assigning site ownership, assigning application ownership, providing intranet design rights, and simplifying intranet admin!

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