Why Would A Company Use An Intranet?

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Why Would A Company Use An Intranet?

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Summary: Why would a company use an intranet? The way we do business has changed drastically in the last few years. Organizations are operating in multiple locations across the country, collaborating on larger projects with larger groups, abiding by strict compliance and regulations laws, and are constantly inundated with information. An intranet provides the tools that set up your company for success.

Our customers come from three different backgrounds: switching from an in-house solution, a SharePoint alternative, or had no previous intranet. We’ve compiled intranet examples from companies with no previous intranet to answer why would a company use an intranet.

What is Intranet?

Before we begin, you’ll need to understand what an intranet is. An intranet is a privately-owned network in a closed circuit. It provides multiple tools for an organization to communicate, collaborate and create with one another. Intranet Connections specializes in on-premise intranet software. This provides a high level of security for industries with a great deal of sensitive information because it provides an extra layer of intranet security.

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Why Would A Company Use An Intranet?

Customers seek intranet software because they are exhausted from inefficiencies and wasting time. The accounting department getting frustrated because no one is using the proper mileage submission forms. Payroll is having to send multiple reminders for people to fill out their timesheets. Employees are missing meetings or showing up on stat holidays…Ok well, that last example has never happened. But you get the point, there’s always a breaking point.

1. Document Management Software

InTouch Credit Union found us online when they were fed up with not being able to find documents they needed to perform their jobs. Rio Rancho Public Schools were storing hundreds of documents on a shared drive that was at risk of being hacked or deleting documents that could not be recovered. PIMA Federal Credit Union’s employees were struggling to access the most up to date versions of their policies.

Centralize Documents in an Easily Searchable Repository

Intranet Connections provides a centralized, secure location for all important documents to be stored. Employees with proper permission levels can now upload, edit, and delete documents, with automatic archiving to prevent any lost content. Navigating the site is simple with enterprise search. Users just type in words form the title, description or body of the document, and our search function retrieves documents containing the search terms in that order. Efficiency levels have skyrocketed, productivity improved, and daily operations are simplified.

2. Internal Communication Software

InTouch Credit Union employees were missing crucial updates and company emails getting congested in their overflowing inboxes. PIMA Federal Credit Union was in search of a software that could connect executives with employees across 7 locations, and provide communication, resources, and support. Redwood bank needed a simple way to share important company-wide information, and Rio Rancho Public Schools was seeking a way to share resources throughout their 19 locations and 2300 employees more efficiently than bulletin boards, or printing and mailing.

Eliminate All Staff Emails

Get rid of pesky ‘all-staff’ emails, and ensure the right message is reaching your employees. Share information in project sites, discussion forums, message boards, live chat and company news. This reduces the margin of error when it comes to sharing information, eliminates ‘lost’ emails, and saves time and money on manual paper solutions.

3. Online Forms

Redwood Bank was suffering through time-thieving manual paper forms. Each week they were piling up higher and higher. Rio Rancho was using paper forms for the hiring and onboarding process. With 2300 employees, the process was inefficient and outdated.

Move Paper Forms Online: Reduce Time, Headaches, and Human Error

Setting up online forms and automated workflows are simple – and they save hours spent filling out paper forms, to file and retrieve. Instead, they are all kept organized in one central location. Previously time-consuming tasks such as onboarding, approvals, and spreadsheets requiring formulas can all be added, customized and exported to excel for simple reporting.

“The hiring process runs smoothly, and everyone is on the same page when a new hire enters their building. We couldn’t organize and execute this process without  Intranet Connections”.

“Intranet Connections has more than paid for itself in time-savings”

Why Would a Company NOT Use an Intranet?

Some of our customers have switched to us from an in-house solution, or as a SharePoint alternative. Typically the reasons they were not happy with their previous intranets include:

  • Difficult to administer
  • Lacks functionality
  • High demand for IT resources
  • Cost prohibitive

Luckily, with an out-of-the-box intranet solution, the concerns are mitigated. To learn more about why would a company get an intranet, leave us a comment below!

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