Why Your Hospital Intranet Needs a Training Site

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Why Your Hospital Intranet Needs a Training Site

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Summary: Why your Hospital Intranet needs a dedicated training site. Covered are the 3 key training site elements; an online training calendar, credentials review and staff self-learning.

Working in a hospital, it is imperative that your staff is fully trained, as well as up-to-date on new practices or certifications. You can leverage your Hospital Intranet for staff training, which in turn leads to a more informed staff and improved patient care. A great way to utilize your Hospital Intranet for training is by creating a site specifically for training.

Your Training Site should be the home of all resources related to training. In this blog, I will highlight some key features and tools you can use for staff training that should be found on your Training Site.

1. Online Training Calendar

Your Training Site should have its own left navigation with links to other resources that can be found on the site. Of those resources, it is ideal to include a link that will take hospital staff to your Online Training Calendar.

Utilizing the Online Training Calendar, staff can register for courses, seminars, training sessions and more. All the courses offered are displayed in an organized calendar view. All they have to do is click the course they are interested, then register.

Because hospital staff are often busy and have unpredictable schedules, having all your courses laid out in an easy-to-read calendar view makes it easy for staff to coordinate with their schedules. Once they register, notifications will be sent out to registrants with course details, as well as reminders for the course. Your hospital staff won’t have to keep track of anything on their own, your Hospital Intranet does all the work!

2. Credential Review

The health industry is often changing, which means hospital staff have to update their credentials to meet these changes. To ensure quality patient care, you can monitor staff’s credentials on your Hospital Intranet. Whether it’s HR or another department, you can have someone in charge of making sure all staff have the correct certifications, as well as the most up-to-date version of the accreditation.

For example, you may want everyone on the hospital floor, including administrative staff, to have their First Aid. Once they have obtained their First Aid, it might be necessary to have them re-take it annually. Utilizing your Hospital Intranet, you can set up an area on your training site for HR to monitor who has had their First Aid training and when their expiry date is. Close to the expiry date, you can set up notifications to be sent out to those who need to renew their credentials. From there, the staff can go to the Online Training Calendar mentioned above to register for their renewal course.

An added benefit of keeping track of credentials on your Hospital Intranet is that you can add additional notes with information, such as “Jenny only scored 50%, may need additional training“. Below is an example of how this will appear on your Hospital Intranet:
Hospital Intranet Credentialling Tool

3. Staff Self Learning

Another must-have for your training site is an area for self-learning. You can include training videos for hospital protocol, simple procedures, proper sanitation methods, patient protocol and more, all in one area on your training site. This allows hospital staff to watch and study these videos at their own pace. From there, you can include an area on your training site for hospital staff to take an Online Test or Survey on the video they just watched.

Online Tests allows staff to be tested immediately after learning about a specific topic. Each test is scored on the spot so your staff can see how well they did, with the option to retake the test if they didn’t pass. All the questions are selected from a randomized question bank to ensure no two tests are the same.

Keep Hospital Staff Informed

A major challenge many hospitals face is that all hospital staff may not have a physical work station where they can access the intranet. Many nurses or on-call doctors may not necessary have a stationary desk and computer. However, to overcome this challenge, our hospital customers have set up kiosks throughout the hospital containing a computer or tablet with access to the intranet. As a best practice, we suggest having at least one kiosk in every ward. These kiosks allow staff to benefit from your Hospital Intranet without having their own computer, or even their own login.

Better Trained Staff Improves Patient Care

The benefit of having a training site on your Hospital Intranet means your staff will be better trained. As a result, patients will be better cared for and your hospital will run smoother.

Have you implemented a training site on your Hospital Intranet? Share the details with me below in the comments section.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:02+00:00 October 26, 2015|Healthcare Intranet, Intranet Software|

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