Last week, we shared 5 things you didn’t know your intranet can do, but we couldn’t stop there! We decided to expand on the previous post so we can provide you with 5 MORE intranet  tips:

>> Do you have an employee with great intranet design skills, but they can’t have full administrative access to make creative changes to your intranet?


The Site Designer function allows you to assign elevated rights to an employee. This way, they have access to the Site Design tab where they can create and choose themes for the site, design the menu navigation system, and organize home page widgets.





>> Want to collaborate with documents in your intranet software?

When you create a document on the documents & policies application, you can select “versioning” by clicking in the check box provided.   If you upload a new file, it will be set as the current document and previous file uploads will be retained as versions. If you choose not to select versioning, any new file uploads to this item will overwrite the existing file.


>>Did you know that you can archive widgets and department sites?

You can select an exact date and/or time and the information will show up automatically! This is great for scheduling in advance and archiving items.


>> Want to add thumbnail images to What’s New and the intranet software menu?

In the Application level, you can upload an image to represent a particular menu option or application throughout the site.


>> Did you know that you can upgrade to v11 from any existing version of Intranet Connections software?

The Intranet Connections development team built an intense upgrade script for v11; please contact us to learn how you can get our latest release!

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