5 Things you Didn’t Know Your Intranet Can Do

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5 Things you Didn’t Know Your Intranet Can Do

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I enjoy inspiring intranet users to be creative and to think out-of-the-box when designing their intranets. Our blog has always taught readers about how an intranet can help build a strong company culture and enhance user engagement, and it got me thinking, what things don’t you know about your intranet? Building on this notion, I thought I would uncover some tips for your intranet, through our software, that you may not have discovered:

>> Did you know that widgets are the hottest property on your intranet home page?

The home page is the most valuable piece of real estate because it’s the first thing that people come to and it sets the tone and feeling of the intranet.  When employees come to your site, what information do you want to serve up? You can leverage widgets on your site with these out-of-the-box widgets:

Weather widget: Show your local or travel destination forecast on your home page.

Featured Employees: Highlight employees from particular departments or the entire company with this rotating widget.

Daily Rotation: Use this unique widget to show customer reviews, green workplace tips or happy hour specials. You can set the rotation to hourly, daily or monthly, depending how often you want the information to change.


>>Do you want to save time while building your intranet? Here’s how you can clone a department site with your intranet software:

Cloning is found within the department site function in Application Builder. Once you arrive in this area, simply select the cloning utility. Cloning allows you to delegate ownership to someone else within that department site so that they can update and change the theme and content of the newly cloned department site.

>> Did you know that you can Enable read confirmation with Application Builder?

Once content is published, you can see who read it as well as the date and time that they did so. This is great from the policy management standpoint because you can track whether a user has agreed to the latest corporate polices and can cut down heavily on manual printing and publication. You can also change that text that requests confirmation.

>> Did you know that you can put EVERYTHING on your intranet software?

Why use email when you can post the latest company news on the home page or in department sites.

>> Are you enticing your users by keeping your intranet content and layout lean and mean?

Promote cleaning up your site as often as needed to ensure that there is no information overload for users.

Attend our Intranet Connections webinars to learn more about trimming the fat on your intranet!

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