Your Intranet: The Power of Suggestion

In today’s world of social media and communication, the word collaboration is freely bantered about, helping us all to re-think our intranets. We want to promote community, a connection to employees, build on corporate culture, and provide a social experience with a social intranet.

For many organizations, the social intranet continues to be a struggle. Even the concept is a struggle. Where to begin? For us a social, and successful, intranet begins with participation. You need to seek out ways to allow and encourage employees to contribute and engage with the intranet. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Start small. Start simple.

I recently read an article about how AT&T took staff brainstorming online, and they did it through the simple idea of a suggestion box. Employees post ideas and suggestions, others can comment and rate a thumbs up or down. AT&T built more around this concept for their tSpace communities, and used discussion forums as the platform, but the idea is simple. What better way to promote and encourage participation on the intranet than giving voice to employees through a suggestion box? The intranet can be the great leveler of an organization where an intern or the CEO can both contribute in the same space. It’s the power of suggestion, and it can have a big impact. It can get people talking, sharing, connecting, and using the intranet.

What about you? How have you used your intranet to help motivate employees to participate?

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