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Intranet Hosting – Private Cloud Services

Intranet Connections Cloud Services are deployed at data centers or third-party infrastructure service providers. Intranet Connections controls access to Cloud Services by requiring authentication via passwords and/or multi-factor authentication.

Data Access Controls
For components hosted by Intranet Connections, access to Your Content is restricted to authorized staff on a need to know basis. In addition, Intranet Connections provides mechanisms by which you control access to your intranet hosting cloud services environment and to Your Content by authorized staff.

Hours of Operation
Intranet Connections Cloud Hosting Services are designed to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, except during maintenance periods, technology upgrades and as otherwise set forth in the Intranet Connections agreement, and your order.

Service Availability
Commencing at Intranet Connections’ activation of Your Cloud Intranet Service, Intranet Connections works to meet the Target Service Uptime set in accordance with the terms set forth in the Cloud Services documentation. The foregoing is contingent on your adherence to Intranet Connections’ recommended minimum technical configuration requirements for accessing and using the Intranet Connections Cloud Services from your network infrastructure and your user work stations as set forth in the supporting documentation for Intranet Connections Cloud Services.

Your technical contacts may access live support via chat and the phone numbers and contact information found on Intranet Connections’ website at http://www.intranetconnections.com/contact/