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Take a walkthrough of our corporate intranet software that’s tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. We offer an abdundance of collaboration tools for business that enable your team to communicate effectively with one another, fortify your corporate culture, and ensure no one ever misses another imporant memo.

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Corporate Intranet Software To Make Your Life Easier

One time feeOnly Pay For What You Use

You only pay a licence fee for on-premise, or for active users on cloud. Pricing includes the install and a year of unlimited technical support – which you probably wont even need because of how intuitive it is.

Keep Documents OrganizedFind Documents Easily

Gone are the days of endless searching for a file in a folder’s folder’s folder. Our document management software stores your files in easily accessible – and easily searchable folders on your intranet. Anyone with admin access can upload and edit documents, and set permission levels.

Revive ProductivityRevive Productivity

How much time do your employees waste searching for documents, filling out forms manually, or get lost in a folder’s folder’s folder? Elimintate time misused on tedious tasks. Move forms online instead of filling them out by hand. Set up workflows and approvals online to launch projects quickly and tie up loose ends.

Revolutionize The Way You Share InformationRevolutionize The Way You Share Information

Your corporate intranet is not burdeoned with growing fees, even if your company grows. You pay for the licence fee once based on the number of employees at the time of purchase. It includes the install and a year of unlimited technical support – which you probably wont even need because of how intuative it is.

Collaboration Tools For BusinessCollaboration Tools For Business

Working with your colleagues has never been easier since the introduction of collaboration tools for business such as project sites, message boards and discussion forums. Add a ‘read and agree’ trigger to important information and track who’s gotten the news and who needs a reminder. Set up polls for feedback and get everyone in the company engaged!

Content SecurityCyber Secure SharePoint Alternative

Our intranet is hosted on-premise, or in a private cloud meaning you don’t need us, or any other (expensive) contractors poking around in your files. It’s ideal for highly regulated industries, or any organization with sensitive information they can’t risk being hacked. If securing your information is a top priority, an on-premise or private cloud solution are the only options.

Our Customers

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Peter Barron

“The return on investment since purchasing Intranet Connections has been astronomical. In one year, just on printing and labor costs alone, we have saved over half a million dollars – and that’s being conservative!”

– Peter Barron, Rio Rancho Public Schools

5 Star Rating
Stacy Lowman

“Our intranet has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. It offers solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization. The support provided by the Intranet Connections team is the icing on the cake.”

– Stacy Lowman, World Travel Holdings

5 Star Rating
Kelly Bordeau

“Intranet Connections is awesome. They have been easy to work with and I happily sing their praises to all of the poor companies suffering from lousy intranets! They provide top notch intranet software and support that can’t be beat. We are happy we found Intranet Connections.”

– Kelly Bordeau, MEMIC

5 Star Rating
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