A Company Blogs application on your Corporate Intranet is a great avenue to share and communicate your corporate message and goals. Keep communication one-way with a Message from the CEO blog, or encourage  two-way communication by allowing comments and ratings from employees, with comment moderators to ensure comments are being monitored.

Blogs are also a great resource for teams, projects, or your Board of Directors, with a variety of security options to ensure that content is only seen and contributed to by employees that have rights to do so.

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Message from the CEO

An increasing number of CEOs are coming to understand that being a successful leader does not simply mean an increase in stock price. Managing and communicating with both external stakeholders as well as employees within the company is growing ever important, as it works to promote inspiration and provide a human face to the company.  Adding a Message from the CEO blog to your Corporate Intranet helps to engage employees, improve company communication and enhance company reputation.

Intranet Connections Blogs

Customize Your Blogs

Your Intranet Connections Company Blogs application comes pre-built and ready for you to begin adding content.  However, there are many customizable features which allow you to change up the settings and make your blog your own, including design settings, archiving and cleanup enabling and disabling post approvals, and much more!  

Encourage Collaboration with Post Approvals

Blogs are a great way to reduce company meetings and emails by encouraging team and project collaboration on your Corporate Intranet.  Create a blog visible only to specific team members, and allow them to contribute postings and comments to the blog.  Enable post approvals and have one team member in charge of monitoring content to ensure content being posted meets company guidelines.  

Intranet Connections Post Approval