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Switch from Sharepoint

As an on-premise SharePoint alternative solution, your data is safely stored in-house on your own server providing a more secure environment that protects your information and minimizes risk of outages.

icon-36-securityGrant External Access

Grant board members access to your intranet with a secure board portal extranet containing forms, documents and resources specific to your board members, without them being able to access your intranet.

Easily View Org Charts

View org charts at-a-glance to see who reports to who, along with contact information for each employee, all in an organized, easy-to-read chart. Ensure all employees are listed by syncing your intranet with your Active Directory.

Standardize Hiring Process

Standardize the employee training and onboarding process with the Online Training Calendar, Online Tests and Interactive Tutorials, taking training from tedious and manual to seamless and efficient.

icon-36-securityStreamline Manual Processes

Automate archaic business processes with Online Forms and Automated Workflows. Streamline department requests and effectively track or manage member requests with pre-built forms, and simple automated approval processes.

Effective Policy Management

Be confident that employees have read the latest updates for policies with scheduled review and versioning, as well as display the status on read and agree confirmations with document and policy management.

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Tim McCoy

“I can tell you that Intranet Connections has more than paid for itself many times over in time-savings and cost-savings our employees reap from this comprehensive resource.”

– Tim McCoy, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce, InTouch Credit Union

5 Star Rating
Ryan Sonnenberg

“Our time-cost savings are incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents. Talk about cost-savings!”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Human Resources Officer, Pima Federal Credit Union

5 Star Rating
Sasha Kemble

“Our old intranet wasn’t effective and had no consistency. Employees just wouldn’t use it, it didn’t have anything they needed. Now employees keep telling me our new intranet is tremendous!”

– Sasha Kemble, Knowledge Management Specialist, Verity Credit Union

5 Star Rating
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