Building employee engagement on your bank, credit union or financial services intranet makes your intranet more effective and efficient. The more you can feature your employees on the intranet, the more engagement you will create. Our Employee Directory has built-in engagement tools designed to facilitate employees engaging with fellow team members and colleagues, all through the intranet. While these tools may be considered “social” they are collaborative in nature and are primarily used for business purposes with defined goals and strategies. These tools can also be disabled within the directory for specific individuals or groups.

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Employee Chat

From anywhere on the intranet, you can launch a chat session with a colleague or team member by clicking on the chat icon within their mini-card or from their profile within the Employee Directory. You can also create chat widgets that list employees who service the bank and credit union staff, such as your support desk technicians in IT, the HR team, or compliance officers. Any tool that offers conversational assistance and connects employees fosters employee engagement.

Employee Walls

Employee Walls look and act a lot like Facebook but for a specific business purpose, which is to promote employee engagement.

Under Culture & Community and Leadership Mentoring we talk about using the employee walls to foster a culture of learning and mentoring, starting with your leaders within the credit union or bank. Employee walls also offer team collaboration whereby members of teams can discuss project focus, ask questions, seek guidance, and share intranet content with our quick-share tool built into the Toolbox.

Wall conversations are about sharing and imparting knowledge, tips, wisdom, leadership and the participation through the intranet is very effective for employee engagement and intranet adoption.

Employee Birthdays & Anniversaries

The human condition is hard wired to care for one another and to feel cared about. Small gestures like the bank President sending you a “Happy 5 year anniversary. Thank you for those 5 years of loyalty and hard work” greeting goes a very long way to making you feel cared about. Or your manager sending a “Happy Birthday” announcement to you via your employee wall makes us feel special particularly because it is a very public acknowledgement. Use the intranet to facilitate these small gestures that pack a big I CARE ABOUT YOU to increase employee engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Leverage Employee Engagement on the Intranet

Employee engagement is more than adding social tools to your intranet. Learn more about employee engagement along with lots of other great tips by downloading our 101 Intranet Ideas eBook.


We cannot tell you enough how many employees here at Travis Credit Union enjoy using our social intranet. It’s not every day that you find a software company willing to go that extra 100 miles for a customer in need. Your support team is great and we have had an amazing experience overall with Intranet Connections.
Kelly Swanson, Travis Credit Union