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Improve Workplace Productivity With a Business Software Intranet

Content Management SystemContent Management System

Since the financial industry is highly regulated, it is important for employees to abide by company policies and proper procedurecs. Our financial intranet includes comprehensive documents, procedure and policy management functions. Use tools like the Document Read and Agree, Policy Versioning and Policy Review to keep properly organized.

Productivity In The WorkplaceProductivity In The Workplace

Many financial institutions are still using manual processes and paper forms which are time consuming, costly, and can cause a ton of headaches. Switch to online forms to reduce human error. There’s many features designed to save you time such as setting triggers to ask for an explaination if a claim is more than a certain amount.

Communication in the WorkplaceCommunication Tools

Forget phone calls or waiting on emails that risk being lost, forgetten or unread. Employees can use your intranet as a robust commnunication tools to collaborate securely in a project site, post to company news, ask questions over message boards, retrieve answers themselves through a knowledgebase, or get a quick response through live chat.

Keep Employees EngagedKeep Employees Engaged

Generate employee engagement by getting staff involved inthe corporate culture, excited about the core values, and goals aligning with the company vision. Celebrate milestones like promotions and anniversaries. Develop a sense of community through discussion forums, and events shared on the calendar.

Get A Positive ROIGet A Positive ROI

With a 1 time fee, that includes installation and unlimited maintenance and support in the first year, plus average customer lifetime of 7 years, we’ve received multiple success stories of tangible time and cost savings. Getting a positive return on your investment from your intranet business software is easy.

No Tech Experience Required No IT Team Required

Out-of-the-box functionality means we do all the coding on the backend so you can easily customize your site design, security levels, content, forms and directory. We’ll help with the installation but your intranet will be hosted internally, with our unlimited support team standing by to assist.

Our Customers

See what our happy customers are saying…

Tim McCoy

“I can tell you that Intranet Connections has more than paid for itself many times over in time-savings and cost-savings our employees reap from this comprehensive resource.”

– Tim McCoy, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce, InTouch Credit Union

5 Star Rating
Ryan Sonnenberg

“Our time-cost savings are incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents. Talk about cost-savings!”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Human Resources Officer, Pima Federal Credit Union

5 Star Rating
Sasha Kemble

“Our old intranet wasn’t effective and had no consistency. Employees just wouldn’t use it, it didn’t have anything they needed. Now employees keep telling me our new intranet is tremendous!”

– Sasha Kemble, Knowledge Management Specialist, Verity Credit Union

5 Star Rating
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