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Organize Documents & PoliciesOrganize Documents & Policies

Organize and centralize documents, policies and procedures for quick, easy access on your healthcare intranet, ensuring staff are on the same page with a structured Document and Policy Management system.

Improve Business ProcessesImprove Business Processes

Automate outdated, manual processes with Online Forms and Automated Workflows. Streamline and track staff requests effectively, ensuring more efficient daily operations at your healthcare facility.

Strengthen CommunicationStrengthen Communication

Encourage open communication and collaboration among staff with Staff Communication and Enterprise Social Networking tools built-in to your intranet, lending to a more transparent corporate culture.

Manage Intranet In-HouseManage Intranet In-House

Our healthcare intranet software provides you with the simplicity and ease-of-use required to manage and maintain your intranet in-house, no IT experience or expensive third-party resources necessary.

Boost EngagementBoost Engagement

A healthcare intranet offers tools that promote peer-to-peer collaboration and staff participation, while also supporting your corporate culture, core values, mission and annual company goals.

Avoid Increasing CostsStandardize Staff Training

Completely standardize staff training and onboarding on your Healthcare Intranet with Online Tests, Training Calendars and other e-learning tools for both new hires and existing staff.

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Michael Ward

“Honestly, with Intranet Connections, the IT administration of our intranet is easy and minimal. Quantitatively, I can say our IT Department spends less than an hour a day maintaining and supporting our intranet.”

– Michael Ward, Anderson Hospital

5 Star Rating
Lauren Koller

“I highly recommend Intranet Connections – we have been using them for years and their customer service is fantastic! Intranet Connections has really done so much to help us grow our intranet to make it the #1 spot for our employees to visit for resources. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

– Lauren Koller, Huntsworth Health

5 Star Rating
Leo Marneros

“Our intranet allows for amazing, innovative ways to deliver training to hospital staff. You are only limited by your imagination on how you want to deliver the education with Intranet Connections.”

– Leo Marneros, Gold Coast Hospital

5 Star Rating
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